At Trinity, we create a nurturing environment where the curriculum is designed to enhance a child’s social, developmental, academic, and artistic skills.
Each child is special to us and we believe it is very important to build good character, cultivate imagination and develop the motivation to learn.  Our school provides a gentle atmosphere where children can learn to feel secure in their first experience in a group setting of the classroom.
Our Mothers’ Morning Out Program accommodates the needs of children, still in diapers, from 18 months to 3 years of age.

Nursery School
Circle Time
Language Arts
Number Readiness
Outdoor Playground
Social Studies
Story Time

Featured Programs Include:
Multiculturalism, Community Helpers, Insect World, Dinosaur Land,
The Farm’s Barn

People Places and Events
Manoa Fire Company, Community Helpers, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Holiday Parties, Storyteller, Dr. Seuss Day, Holiday Performances and Graduation Ceremonies.

Extended Day
For your convenience, Trinity has an optional extended day program which ends at 1:30 Monday through Thursday. Your child may bring his lunch to school and enjoy extra time with friends . The fee is $10.00 a day.

Mothers’ Morning Out
Circle Time
Story Time
Holiday Celebrations
Snack & Drinks

Class Schedules
Pre-k Classes 9 to 11:30

5 day..Monday thru Friday

4 day…..Monday thru Thursday

3 day….Tuesday,Wednesday, & Thursday

Transitional Pre -k Class
5 day ….Monday thru Thursday 8:45 to 1:45
Friday 9 to 11:30

Nursery Class 9 to 11:30
3 day …Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
2 day….Monday-Wednesday
2 day….Tuesday-Thursday

5 day…..Monday thru Friday

Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment
11:45 – 2:30 Monday thru Thursday

Mothers’ Morning Out
9 :05to 11:40
Monday thru Friday
Room B …..must be 2 years old by Sept. 1st
Room A……under 2 on Sept. 1st

Registration Fees
5 day………$40.00
4 day………$40.00
3 day………$35.00
2 day………$30.00
MMO……. $25.00

Activity Fees
(Nursery School only)
Pre- k ……..$22.00
Nursery….. $20.00