2017 MMO Parents’s Summer Letter




          Trinity Lutheran Nursery School & Mothers’ Morning Out


Dear Parents,

Welcome to Trinity. We are looking forward to many rewarding experiences with your child.  We will begin classes the week of September 18th. Please arrive at 9:00 with your child.  During the first two weeks of school, the children will be dismissed at 11:00.  After dropping off your child, leave your cell phone on so we can reach you if there is a problem.  In the beginning, some children need time to adjust to the separation.  If your child has a problem with separation, we will suggest coming for shorter periods so we can make the change more comfortable for him or her.

Please dress your child in comfortable clothing.  This also makes it easier for us during diaper changes and potty training, pull ups must have velcro sides.  Sneakers are great for our playground activities.  Names should be inside coats & hats, and outside of back packs.  The back pack needs to come to school each day.  The change of clothes should consist of : shirt, pants, diapers, undershirt, underpants and socks.  If your child uses a cup with a lid, please put it in the school bag and make sure it is labeled. (Sippy cup only for under 2 room )

Please complete the Pick Up  information form enclosed in this envelope and attach a picture of your child to the form. Return it to us  the first day of school.


Lunch Bunch begins the 3rd week of school. ( October 2) 11:30 until 1:30 ..$10.00 a day

Please check their bags after each day. Crafts will need praising!!!


When dropping off your child, it is best to kiss them and tell them you will be back soon, then leave.  When mommies linger, it upsets the child.  If you are brave, they will be brave too.  When picking up your child, please be prompt at our 11:30 dismissal.  Some children wonder where their mommies are. Please inform the teachers, who has permission to pick up your child if it changes.  All must bring a photo ID.


A supply , snack and drink calendar will be sent home each month.  Look for your name. On that day, you are responsible for providing the treats and or supplies.  We also have  sign up sheets for holiday  parties.  There will be a list posted outside the classroom before the party for you to volunteer a special goody for the event.


Tuition will be collected four times during the school year.  You will receive a bill for each session.  There will be a $10.00 charge for checks returned by the bank. If there is a problem with a payment, please see me.  If you decide to withdraw your child, please call, we have a wait list.

We are asking for donations during the first week of school: Monday-paper towels, Tuesday& Thursday – wipes, Wednesday – tissues, and Friday – paper cups.

This will be a fun experience for your child.. We hope you enjoy your morning . We know your child will!



Miss Marian


Please visit our web site trinityhavertown.org,.Click on preschool for further information.  If you have any questions about our school,email me at mgalante@aol.com.



Trinity Lutheran Nursery School & Mothers’ Morning Out


Child’s Full Name__________________________________________


Days and Room child is in___________________________________

Emergency Contact information:

In the order of notification

Name                       Relation                          Phone number

1.___________         __________________        ______________

2.___________         ___________________      ______________

3.___________        ____________________     _______________

People Permitted to pick up your child from school:

Name                       Relation                            Phone

1._____________       __________________        _________________

2._____________      ___________________        ________________

3._____________      ____________________       ________________

4.____________       _____________________      _________________



Does your child have asthma? yes or no      Does your child use an inhaler?_____

Does your child have an epi pen? yes or no


e mail address___________________________________________________


I give my permission for ___________________to participate in any class activity during the school year thereby releasing the school from any liability.

Signed ……………………………Date……………………

Photo Release:

Permission for my child,_______________________________to have their photo taken for publication on the church’s web site, facebook and newspaper


Please attach a current picture of your child.