April 2017 Newsletter

Trinity Lutheran Nursery School
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April Newsletter 2017
Dear Parents
We paraded Mardi Gras style to the church , where we met with other Fasnacht revelers in masks, costumes, fancy hats, & decorated face poles! What an extravaganza! The Carvevale celebration began with second steppers and lots of games. One group jumped through a giant donut’s hole. It was a paper donut decorated with chocolate icing and pink sprinkles. The five day T class played pass the paper donut from one tube to another without dropping it. What skill!
A proud performance in the “ English” tradition by the Nursery and Pre K classes, when they raced and passed their pancakes on spatulas. The 4 day pre k tossed Mardi Gras gold , green and purple coins into a basket. (Green for faith, gold for power, and purple for Justice)..Faith won!
The 3 day pre k put on a very successful Bean Bag Jester Toss!
Looks like we didn’t chase winter away with all our shenanigans!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss Day with the classic performance by our Trinity Players (faculty) of “The Cat In The Hat”(Mr. Tustin).The Fish in the Pot(Mrs. Tustin) reigned in The Cat in the Hat when he brought Thing 1(Mrs. Degnan) and Thing 2 (Miss Sheri)to the house when the Mother (Mrs. Gross) was out.
The “Play Is The Thing”!
We ended our month with the “St Patrick Day Follies” This year our Show featured Miss Emma Jane Coll, Irish dancer from the 4 day class. She led the class in a traditional Irish jig. Mr. Joe played “Oh Danny Boy” on his harmonica . “Micheal Finnegan”, “Where Is The Leprachuan” and “Do Your Ears Point Up” ,were just a few of the performances by the lads and lassies of our school.
Check out our photos on facebook:Trinity Lutheran Nursery School and Mothers’ Morning Out 2015
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While MMO is finishing up their fourth session and Haverford Township is closing up the year, we have great themes for the first three weeks of Nursery School Camp:Star Wars, Super Heroes, and Disney Magic!

Mark your calendar:

Graduation Dates:
Wednesday, May 24
9:15……..Miss Val, Miss Linda
10:15……..Mrs. B, Miss Moira, Mrs. Dennis
11:00…….Miss Kim, Mrs. Camuti,
12:00…….Mrs. Tustin & Miss Naomi

Thursday, May 25
9:15………Mrs. B , Miss Moira, Mrs. Dennis
10:00………Miss Sheri & Miss Aimee
11:00………Mrs., Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs. Millison
Miss Moira
***Graduation is the LAST day of school for your child
***It’s a great show, so bring the family,grandparents and all!

MAY 30…..FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SESSION FOR NURSERY SCHOOL( 3 days a week)( MMO is in their 4th session)
June 16……..LAST DAY OF MMO
June 20……..First day of summer session for MMO (3 days a week)


4 day pre k…………….Miss Sheri & Miss Aimee
March was such a busy month! We started off the month going under the sea with letter S! We spent the week making an ocean filled with sea water, sand, seaweed, scuba divers, sea horses, starfish, sting rays, sea turtles and fish painted with shaving cream! We also celebrated Dr.Seuss’ birthday by reading his books and watching the Cat in the Hat play, but the very best part of S week was a special surprise visit from Grayson’s dad who came in and played his saxophone for us! Next, it was time to work on letter T and get ready for St. Patrick’s Day! For T week, we painted with toothbrushes, learned all about how to keep our teeth healthy and celebrated Tessa’s 5th birthday! For St.Patricks Day, we made shamrocks the color of Ireland’s flag, learned silly leprechaun poems and Emma Jane taught us how to do the Irish jig! When it was U week we had 2 very special surprises! Grayson brought in his ukulele and played 3 blind mice for us and Tessa’s mom came in with a special light that showed us how to keep our hands germ free! We also made umbrella’s, unicorns and learned about what happens underground when a tree grows! Lastly, we worked on letter V, started to get ready for Easter and learned about dinosaurs! We made volcano’s, vases, bunnies made of marshmallows, chicks using our handprints and clay dinosaurs! We are so excited it is finally spring!!
Pre-K Donna Tustin and Miss Naomi
March was a busy and very fun month for us. It started out by celebrating one of my favorite author/illustrator’s birthday – Dr. Seuss! We did many fun projects – like making green Oobleck (from Bartholomew and the Oobleck) and our own Dr. Seuss hats. Then, The Cat in the Hat himself came to visit our school and we put on a play based on the beloved story – The Cat in the Hat. This was extra special for me because, not only did I act in the play (I was the Fish in the Pot), but my husband was The Cat! He loves coming in, acting in the play and reading to our class! We even had a special “Hat” treat made out of Oreo cookies, marshmallows and red candy melts. It’s a fun day for all! We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this month with a gathering in the church and all of the classes performing a St. Patty’s Day song or poem. Mr. Joe played the harmonica and and a couple of our TLNS kids did Irish dancing for us. When we got back to our classroom, we had a wonderful celebration with yummy Shamrock milkshakes and cookies! We even had a snow day in March!! We learned about the letters U, V, W and X and Dinosaurs! Thank you to our Guest Readers this month, Jenna, David (my Midshipman son) and The Cat – Paul Tustin! Happy Birthday to Royal, Nicholas, Dalin and Dr. Seuss!
Kindergarten Enrichment…Mrs. B and Miss Aimee
We have been very busy this month. We have been practicing Tai Chi. It helps us focus and relax before starting our day. Our choir is back! We are practicing a new song for all of you that will be coming out soon! Keep an eye out on Trinity’s face book.
We made our version of Henry Matisse by cutting out pieces of paper into different shapes and sizes and glued them all together to show movement. We made a wish painting a flower and writing down our own wishes. Everyone liked seeing what we each wished for hanging in the hallway. Since it’s the beginning of spring and the birds are coming back we drew and painted our own bird inspired by the artist James Rizzi.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We used food coloring to make primary colors and mix them to make secondary colors. All our predictions were correct. We also made green rice crispy treats! They were yummy!
Happy Birthday Dr Seuss! We practiced our rhyming words and painted green eggs and ham. We decided where we would not eat them. A lot of funny answers! We made Obleck and put different items in it. We wanted to see what would sink or float in the Obleck.
Science was a big part of the month. We learned about changes in weather. We did experiments with wind by designing our own kites, and pinwheels. Then we tried to see how fast we could make them move. We discussed the different kinds of clouds in the sky and what they do. How wind is made by cold air and hot air coming together. Then we learned the cycle of rain and condensation. We experimented with making it rain in a jar. And we tried to explain “Why is the sky blue” with an experiment using clear water, soap (clouds), and a light source (sun). Next we discussed the four seasons by making a piece of art with trees to explain what we learned.
We are continuing with our word families. We made a challenge to read “Sam Sat” and everyone did very well. For math we are reviewing our addition and subtraction using different items to help us count. We reviewed shapes cylinder, cone, sphere, and block by looking for examples.
Looking forward to more exciting things to learn as the weather gets warmer!
2 Day Nursery and Friday..Mrs. B, Miss Moira & Miss Moira
We started the month by celebrating Mardi Gra! We made masks, wore beads, ate donuts, played a flipping game with pancakes and paraded with the whole school.
Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!! We decorated new hats for the Cat which looked great hanging in our room! We all got hear the story of The Cat in the Hat and see how much trouble that Cat can get into!! We enjoyed a play about the Cat in the Hat that our teachers acted out. We read 1 fish 2 fish Red Fish Blue Fish and counted how many red fish and blue fish in a fish bowl. Then we came up with our own rhyming words!! We sorted Rainbow goldfish crackers by color and counted how many we had.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! We made shamrocks to make sure everyone knew to kiss us because we were all Irish that day! We mixed Yellow and Blue to make Green!! We celebrated St Patrick’s Day with the school singing songs and Irish dancing!! !! Friday class made green rice crispy treats
For the letter R we painted Rainbows using shaving cream and food coloring. They were beautiful hanging in the hallway. We learned about weather and seasons using hand printed trees for the letters S and T.
Happy Easter!! We had fun hanging with our Peeps. We made Easter baskets to go on an Easter egg hunt! The children had so much fun finding them hiding all over the school!
We have been working hard reviewing everything we have learned this school year for our folders for conference time. I look forward to meeting with everyone telling how proud they should be for all the hard work the children have put in this school year. And all the fun the children have been having learning new and exciting things!!

5-day Transitional Pre K Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs.Millison,Ms.Moira

Our class discussed the meaning of in like a Lion and out like a Lamb for the month of March. We all voted for March to come in like a lamb.

Dr. Seuss was fun for all. We read Cat in the Hat and discussed “Home Rules” when our parents are not home. The class enjoyed rhyming words like in the story.

We enjoyed a play put on by the wonderfully talented Trinity Faculty Players! The boys and girls did a great job cheering Mrs. Degnan on as Thing 1 and Ms. Sherrie as Thing 2. Our class looked very Seussal in their _at hats. The students were very good at coming up with the _at words to fill in on their own hats. Our class read different Seuss books each day and picked out all the rhyming words. The book Put Me in the Zoo by Dr. Seuss is a favorite also. They also made their own spotted leopard faces to decorate our Seuss Wall! We have alot of imagination in our class.

Everyone is Irish during the week of St Patrick’s Day. The class used Lucky Charms cereal to do a fun math paper and wow did they do great with adding up all the marshmallows in their cereal. The best part was eating it after they were finished. We had a musical event with the entire school. Our class sang Michael Finnegan and watched our class mates sing and dance to Irish music. Thanks to Mr. Joe for his harmonica playing. We had quite a full morning of Irish!
Our class party included mischievous leprechauns that visited our class and all the wonderful party treats!!!

Dinosaurs are always a fun subject for the boys and girls! We learned about plant eaters and meat eaters. We made an awesome volcano with dinos getting covered up in lava! Then the class made fossils out of home made ‘stone dirt’. That was fascinating for the class to see the foot prints of dinosaur feet. They also measured how big a T-Rex foot was. We all put our shoes inside a pretend t-rex foot print! We had room to spare! The class pretended to be paleontologists while they dug out the chocolate chips of a cookie! The best part was eating it when they were finished!

We read Jack and the Bean Stalk and did worksheets pertaining to order of the story. They did a great job with this. We will watch a lima bean grow and see if it gets as big as Jack’s plant!

We have begun practicing for our Special Person Day in May. The songs are lively and fun for them!
We are now ready for the warmer weather. The class continues to learn and grow with splendid accomplishments!!!!

3 day pre k………Miss Kim and Mrs. Camuti
Wow! We had such a fun month of March! There was so much to celebrate this month. It all started with the celebration of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday. We went to see a wonderful play put on by the teachers of Trinity based on the book “The Cat in the Hat”. The children loved seeing all of the teachers have a little fun up on stage. To continue celebrating Dr. Seuss, we read several of his most famous books like “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Cat in the Hat”. We pointed out all of the rhyming words in the books. Also, we looked at the book “The Lorax” and made a paper bag puppet. We made “The Cat in the Hat” on a paper plate that hung from the ceiling in our classroom.

During the month of March, we also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day and the first day of Spring. For St. Patrick’s Day, we made Leprechaun hats and sung “Do Your Ears Point Up” at the St. Patrick’s Day follies. We had so much fun singing and watching all of our friends at Trinity perform their songs as well. We made delicious shamrock shakes and had a yummy shamrock cookie too. Also, we made a shamrock person and did a writing activity called “if I caught a leprechaun”. The children came up with so many great ideas of what they would do with their leprechaun. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Kelly for coming in and teaching us how to Irish dance. We had a great time learning all of the different steps. We finished St. Patrick’s Day with talking and writing about what makes us feel lucky and reading a lot of good books about Leprechauns.

In addition to our celebrations this month, we also learned all about the letters Tt, Uu, Vv and Ww. “Tt” was for tracing our first and last name. “Uu” was for umbrellas, “Vv” was for vases and volcanos and “Ww” was for wizards and wands. We practiced writing all of these letters and recognizing them by sight and sound. We are very busy learning and writing our numbers too! We learned 20, 21, 22 and 23. We even worked on a hide-and -seek paper to find the hidden numbers. The children did a great job with this activity. Also, we are working very hard on remembering our phone numbers, birthdays and addresses. We play a game at “circle time” to help us recognize them. Finally, we are busy making our classroom look like Spring. We made beautiful flowers and worked on spring activities. We continued to talk about the four seasons and all different types of weather. We ended the month learning all about Dinosaurs.

We are looking forward to Easter and all the fun it will bring in our classroom. Hopefully, it will start to warm up and we can enjoy the beautiful weather outside in the playground!

3 day Nursery………..Miss Val & Miss Linda
We got off to a great start in March! We caught that pesky little “Lenny the Leprechaun” and got his magic seed. We planted it, watered it, and watched it groooowwwww!. After it grew soooo big (it was a potato!), and crashed the window, we cut it up and had a french fry party.
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. We enjoyed “The Car In The Hat” play put on by our talented faculty!. We loved dancing the Irish Jig at the St. Patrick Day Follies. Our Easter Egg Hunt was a huge success , just like our party. Wait ‘till you see all hard work we did,at conferences.
MMO…..Michele, Patty, Alicia, Fern, Adriana,Tori & Allison

March was a marvelous month for MMO!

We celebrated Dr. Suess’s birthday with activities related to some of his most popular books. We made our own “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” books by using our fingerprints for the fish. We also made fish with red and blue squares helping to identify shapes. Everyone loves using glue sticks. During circle time we worked on identifying our names and colors. We attended the “Cat In The Hat” play put on by Miss Marion and a few of our Trinity teachers.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by decorating shamrocks and pots of gold with tissue paper. During circle time we sang lots of fun songs. When we sang “Michael Finnegan” we placed our hands under our chins and wiggled our fingers to be the “whiskers on his chin.” We practiced counting and number recognition while reciting a poem about 5 little leprechauns.

Spring has sprung in our classroom. We made beautiful flowers out of paper plates using dot art and tissue paper for the centers. We continue to color and use playdough (a favorite).

Thank you for sending in snack and supplies and for cutting out our shamrocks!

Happy Spring!