December 2017 Newsletter

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2017 December Newsletter

Merry Christmas

Dear Parents,
Christmas time is here! May the Peace , Love and Joy be with you and your family during this Holiday Season.
Don’t forget to use our FREE early morning drop off at 8:00.
Take advantage of our Lunch Bunch, Late Show, & Late Late Show during this busy time of year:
Monday……fun day
Wednesday….yoga and/or zumba!
Thursday….Music Michele
Friday ……Geography
$10.00 1:30 to 3
$10.00 3 to 5
Remember …you can come join us just for the afternoon!
Mark you calendars:
December 6…….”Lunch With Santa”…..
December 15…….last day of MMO
December 15 …..last day of Enrichment December 18 to Jan .1 …….Christmas Vacation
January 2 …………….classes resume
Remember to bring the grandmoms and grandpops , uncles, aunts and cousins to our Christmas Shows.
Nursery School Christmas Shows:
Wednesday, December 13
9:15……..Miss Val and Miss Linda
10:15……..Mrs. B, Miss Jackie, Mrs. Dennis
11:00…….Miss Kim & Miss Moira

Thursday, December 14
9:15………Mrs. B , Miss Moira, Mrs. Dennis
10:00………Miss Sheri & Miss Aimee
11:00………Mrs., Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs. Millison & Miss Moira
***the Christmas Show is the beginning of vacation for your child


MMO….Adriana, Fern, Pattie, Michele, Alicia, Tori & Allison MMO had a memorable November!

MMO had a HOOT making owls for the hallway. Everyone loved painting the plates and adding wings and eyes. We also made pretty trees with tissue paper leaves. The children gobbled up the turkey crafts. First we used dot art to make the feathers on the paper plates, added the bodies and then glued circle eyes and a triangle nose. We were fortunate to have these adorable crafts hanging up in our classroom for awhile. Weren’t the Placemats great? The kids loved making them for you. We painted their cute little hands and decorated the yellow construction paper. After the craft was dry we laminated so you can save for years to come.

During circle time we practiced our alphabet and counting. We gave everyone leaves and sang several songs about counting and colors. The Thanksgiving songs were enjoyed by everyone especially when we walked around the room saying “gobble gobble”. Also we went around circle sharing what we are thankful for.

We enjoyed listening to several fun thanksgiving stories.

We also participated in “green day” up in the church. The kids all sang the Eagles song and danced to some pep rally music. Lots of laughs and smiles. Pictures are on the facebook.

We also appreciate the daily snack contributions! Thank you for sending in water and food items from the list on the calendar!

We will continue to go out to the playground as long as the weather permits. Please remember to LABEL jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, etc. Sneakers are the best type of shoe for running, climbing and playing outside.

This month we look forward to our Christmas activities! We will learn Christmas songs and poems and make crafts for the holiday. Are you coming to Lunch with Santa? Its so much fun! You don’t want to miss this special day.


Mrs. Tustin and Miss Naomi – AM Kindergarten Enrichment

Wow!!! November went by so quickly! We had a great month…learning about the letters Gg, Hh and Ii, and all about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Native Americans and the Mayflower! We had fun making Turkey napkin holders for our Thanksgiving tables, “Dressed” turkeys for the hallway, beautiful water color painted tepees and several more awesome art projects. We practiced writing our numbers, sequence and even built pyramids with paper cups! There was a fun “Green Dance Party” pep rally to support the Philadelphia Eagles! We had fun making pumpkin bread…it was so yummy! We hope all of our families had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And we look forward to a fun December!
Congratulations to our Stars of the Week for this month – Patrick and Emily!
Happy 6th Birthday to Cole C and Emily!


5-day Transition Pre-k Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs. Millison, Ms.Moira


Down came the Halloween ghost and up went the Thanksgiving turkeys!!!! Our classroom was decorated and prepared for Thanksgiving during the month of November. Our crafts for the month included our large turkey in the hall which students decorated with colorful feathers. They also made Indian corn to put around the corn stalks. It looked very autumn like in our halls!

The class learned about the word ‘cornucopia’ and the meaning behind the word. We spoke about how it was used at special feast between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. The class watercolored their own cornucopia and a totem pole. We also made pretend leather pieces from brown paper and drew Native American symbols on them to tell a story.

For Science Day the class made cranberry relish. They learned how the bitter taste of the cranberry is sweetened with sugar to make the recipe tasty. They added oranges to the relish, along with cinnamon and allspice! The students learned how to set the table so they can help at home on Thanksgiving day!

Our Thanksgiving Day Feast over a nice bowl of ‘Friendship Soup’ was a real hit. The boys and girls enjoyed contributing to this special meal with the help of many generous parents!

We continue with letter and number recognition. They are progressing nicely and trying to use lower case letters more and more. Please help us to enjoy the Letter of the Week words. They enjoy Dictornary Day and have become great game players!

We now start preparing for the big Christmas show and S-N-O-W!!! Don’t forget to practice zippers for Zipper Day, coming in January. Our class will continue to go outside as long as there is no precipitation. Please remember gloves and hats with names on everything!!

The 5-day teachers of Transition Pre-k wish all our families a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We look forward to a very happy new year with your child.


3 day pre k….Miss Kim and Miss Moira

November was a great month here at Trinity! So much has happened since Halloween. We were really busy getting ready for our Thanksgiving Feast! We learned all about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. We read and learned about The First Thanksgiving. We sang Thanksgiving songs about turkeys and recited poems about being thankful. We made our own scarecrows to hang in the hallway. We made lots of turkeys too – one out of our handprint, one out of a paper bag and one that we glued to a cup to use as a centerpiece. Also, we cut and glued feathers and wrote what we were thankful for on our thankful turkeys. To prepare for our feast, we decorated placemats, made Pilgrim and Native American hats and talked about Thanksgiving dinner. Then, after all that, all the Pilgrims and Native Americans sat down for our Thanksgiving Feast! It was so much fun!
Besides Thanksgiving, we continued to learn about new letters and numbers each week. The letter “Hh” brought us horses and hearts and “Ii” brought us Iguanas. We have been practicing writing our first names, cutting with scissors and writing our letters and numbers. We are working on recognizing our last names. We have also enjoyed working independently at the back table on different activities.
Finally, we had so much fun at the “Green Day” dance party. We were singing and dancing with all of our Trinity friends. We have had so much fun in music class learning new songs.
Thank you to everyone who has come to our classroom for Mystery Reader. The children get so excited and enjoy listening to the different books.
Thank you to everyone who made our Thanksgiving Day Feast special with all our treats!
Happy Birthday to Jackson C. this month. We hope you had a great birthday!
We are so excited and we are looking forward to Christmas next month.

Kindergarten Enrichment….Mrs. B and Miss Aimee
We started learning all about Native Americans. We learned how they lived and where they lived. We decorated Tee-pee’s that reflect ourselves, made leaf prints out of salt clay, painted with blueberries and raspberries, learned about spirit animals, made our own totem pole, and learned Indian symbols to tell a story.
We then pretended to be the Pilgrims. We learned how difficult it was to leave a country they knew so well and adjust to a new land. We asked ourselves what would we bring to the new world, we designed our own boats using left over material and see which one of our boats would float. Now that we made it to the new land, we needed to learn how to build shelter. We all took turns building bird houses with a hammers and nails.
We continue reviewing our sight words and beginning math in creative ways. Our favorite games are going on a word and number hunt and mystery bag. We have to use our imagination and ask questions what could be in the bag.
Thank you for sharing all the kindergartners with us. We are having so much fun exploring the world around us. Can’t wait for next month!

2 day Nursery and Friday…Mrs. B, Mrs Dennis, & Miss Jackie
This month we learned all about Native American Indians and Thanksgiving! We learned how Native American Indians lived in communities. How they worked and supported each other. Just like we do in our classroom! All the children did a great job lacing canoes. The children have been working hard on their tracing and pencil skills to be able to write our names. We traced Teepee’s and put our names on them to make an Indian village. It looked great displayed on our mural that the Friday class painted. We made Indian corn to represent how the Indians taught the pilgrims how to grow corn to feed their families. Later we made Indian Head dresses and used patterns to decorate them. We also made Indian necklaces and we laced dream catchers to catch all our bad dreams. Then we learned how the first Thanksgiving was celebrated with a story using colored beads that made a bracelet Thank you for contributing to our own Thanksgiving feast. We had a great meal. It was delicious!
We made our own Turkeys by dotting coffee filters. I hope everyone got the chance to see them in the hallway. The children had fun making them and telling us what their turkeys like to eat! We reviewed 1 – 5 with a funny poem “Five Fat Turkeys”, and made patterns with apples, corn, and pumpkins. We reviewed over, under, beside, and on top of in a turkey book. Then the children enjoyed telling us how to cook a turkey! They know Mrs. B is not a great cook and I need all the help I can get to learn how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving gift and card we made for you!! The children loved squeezing the glue and mixing the beans to make the festive candle holder. Happy Thanksgiving!

Miss Val and Miss Linda’s Nursery Class
November surely flew by. We’ve been practicing our letters, Numbers, and counting in Spanish . We shared like our Pilgrims and Native Americans did. We loved making friendship muffins and are practicing our baking skills so that the gingerbread kids won’t get out of the oven next month! Check out our painted incognito turkeys, looks like their disguise worked. They are still here! We hoped you liked our Thanksgiving dinner books and our Tee Pees .
Looking forward to our Christmas Celebrations.



4 day pre k ……..Miss Sheri and Miss Aimee
We are so thankful for all of the wonderful things November has brought us! We celebrated Sam and Delaney’s 5th birthday, we had a green day dance party with the entire school, and we had a delicious Thanksgiving Day Feast in our classroom! We continued working on learning all about the letters of week, writing and counting numbers, writing our name by ourself and using scissors! It was fun to paint with watercolors, play with playdough, make scarecrows, acorns, Indians, turkey’s, and even a jungle! November was fun, but we are looking forward to all the excitement December will bring!