February 2017 Newsletter

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February Newsletter 2017

Dear Parents,
Our hallways are galleries! I hope you are enjoying, the reproductions of Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack, Michealangelo, Kandinsky and some of our original works of Art!
Please check our facebook page….Trinity Lutheran Nursery School and Mothers’ Morning Out 2015
Registration for the 2017 -2018 school year is well on its’ way. If you are interested and would like to visit the class you are choosing for your little one, please come to the office and I will introduce to the teachers.Our classes fill quickly!
When you complete a registration form for a class, please don’t forget the registration fee.
We offer:
Early Morning Drop Off 8:00…Free
Lunch Bunch 11:30 to 1:30…….$10.00
Late Show 1:30 to 3:00…………..$10.00
We have 2,3,4 and 5 day classes. In September , Mrs. Billbrough and Miss Aimee will lead the Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment class & will be offered Monday thru Fridays…with the option of staying until 5:00 for those who need it .
We are working on having a Morning Enrichment Class…
Manoa and Lynnewood definitely bus to Trinity for OUR afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment. Lauren Ailes is working diligently trying to get Haverford pick up our children from our morning enrichment.and take them to their public school session in the afternoon.

Snow Days…….check your e mail,…..if DON’T hear from us, WE ARE HAVING CLASS…if Haverford is two hours late because of inclement weather, we open regular time.

It’s flu season…teach the little people to cough in their arms!
EIN # – 231581630

“Kindergarten registration for the 2017-2018 school year will be done online this year!
Registration will begin on Monday, February 6, 2017 at 7pm. “

Mark Your Calendars……………….
February 8……………Haverford Twp. Kindergarten Registration
February 14…………Valentine’s Day
February 20………….Presidents’ Day…school closed
February 23………….Pre k Conferences
February 28 ………..Mardi Gras
3 day pre k ………..Miss Kim and Mrs. Camuti
Well, what a great start to 2017! We started off the year discussing the season of winter, and everything that goes along with the cold weather. We worked on a few winter crafts. We cut and decorated snowmen and read ‘Snowmen at Night’ and talked about what we thought our snowman would do at night too! Also, we made a winter scene of what we like to do in the snow.
In addition to all of our winter activities, we learned all about the letters Ll, Mm, Nn and Oo. “Ll” week brought us lollipops, lizards and love. “Mm” week brought us mail, mittens and our names decorated with marshmallows. Also, we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr and read a story about his life, his dream and all his hard work. We decorated bags and filled them with snacks for needy families. Thank you to everyone who brought something in for this special project. It was greatly appreciated.
For “Nn” week, we learned and read about why we are each named our special name. The letter “Nn” also brought us necklaces. We made our own necklace out of pasta. Each child earned a certificate for being in the “Name Club”! I am so proud of all of them. “Oo” week brought us octopus in the ocean. We also mastered the “zipper club” this month. We are ready for winter because we can all zip up our own coats. I am so proud of all their hard work, they are growing up so fast!
Also, we learned about Michelangelo and the country of Italy by engaging in some activities in our classroom. The children had so much fun with these two lessons.
We have a lot of fun things planned for February. We will have our Valentine’s Day Party, Pirate Day and a Pajama Party. Stay tuned for more details!
5-day Transition Pre-K Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs.Millison, Ms Moira

Happy New Year! Welcome back to school in 2017! The class made their own confetti and blew party horns as we counted down to the new year!

We had a Christmas gift show n tell that was so much fun for the students. They were all so happy to share their special gifts.

Letter Mm we were learning how to group M&M’s by color. We also graphed the colors to teach the concept of more or less. The best part of course was eating them at the end of the project! We also learned how snowmen are made and used a JUMBO marshmallow to paint one on paper! We also enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate!!!

We learned about the words and wisdom of Martin Luther King. The class made peace doves that hang in our classroom as a reminder of his inspiration.

For our Famous Artist project, the class learned about Andy Warhol and his contemporary art. The boys and girls made a handprint replica of his style paintings.

Zipper Day! Oh what a grand accomplishment for these children! How proud they are that they can do things on their own.

Science projects this month: Baking oatmeal cookies for Oo week. Learning how rock salt can melt an ice block. In the holes made from the salt, food coloring was added to watch the colors flow all the way through the ice!

Our class learned about Mexico and how to pronounce a few Spanish words!

Our class welcomed two new students! WELCOME Ethan and Amelie!!!!

Conferences will be held this month. We will continue to prepare for this day reviewing our addresses, our last names and letter sounds.

We have been thankful to be able to enjoy going outside occasionally without the snow! Hopefully we can bypass the snowy weather this year (fingers crossed!!!)

Keep up the good work practicing letters and numbers.
4 day pre k ……..Miss Sheri and Miss Aimee

What a great start to the new year! We are continuing to work on learning new letters! This month we learned how to write and sound out letters L, M, N and O. Some letter coordinating activities included making ladybugs, painting with marshmallows, counting to nine by adding a nickel with pennies and making an octopus! As an extra bonus this month, we learned all about Chinia and we even celebrated Chinese New Year! We found out that 2017 is the year of the rooster! We made a giant dragon and danced under it to bring us good luck this coming new year! It was also fun playing a game where we had to pick up noodles with chop sticks! At the end of our lesson about Chinia we ate rice and fortune cookies! Last, but not least, we helped Ella celebrate her 5th birthday! We can’t wait to see what fun February brings!
Mrs. Sheri and Miss Aimee

Pre-K Mrs. Tustin and Miss Naomi

We wish you a happy, healthy 2017! January was definitely a busy, but fun month in our class. We learned all about the letters M, N, O, and P. We rang in the New Year by putting our New Year’s Resolutions out in the hallway along with beautiful, sparkly fireworks. I definitely enjoyed seeing all the wonderful Christmas Show-n-Tell items the children brought into school. We started out the month by talking about winter, snow and cold weather. During Mm week, we had a Movie day. We watched Disney’s A Very Merry Pooh Year and ate some yummy movie snacks. Next, we learned a lot about the country of Mexico. We enjoyed making and playing maracas, and learning about the people of Mexico and their culture. We talked about the colorful clothing, tall hats, musical instruments, language and food. We learned the song “Uno, Dos, Tres Amigos” and danced “The Mexican Hat Dance!” We made colorful ponchos and sombreros! And we had a fun Mexican Fiesta! We marched and danced around the school before enjoying delicious tacos, tortilla chips and salsa and our own homemade cinnamon crisps! Did your children enjoy breaking open their colorful paper bag piñata? It was so much fun learning about this wonderful culture.

And there was P week – one of our favorite weeks of the year. The highlight of P week was Pajama Day. It was so cozy to wear our pajamas to school for our delicious Pancake breakfast – mmm, mmm, those pancakes were good! There’s nothing like pancakes with melty, gooey chocolate chips in them. Scrumptious to eat!!! What a fun morning! We now look forward to February and Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day.

Thanks to our Mystery Readers this month – Miss Marian, Dan Sweeney and Jennifer Courtney!

2 day Nursery and Friday…..Mrs.” B”, Miss Moira & Mrs. Dennis

January was a busy month! We made our own winter wonderland in our hallway! We started this month practicing our scissors skills making our own unique snowflake. No two snowflakes are alike, just like us. We used our fine motor skills and made beaded snowflakes falling down from our hallway. We made a beautiful piece of art work with cardinals sitting on a birch tree (ripped newspaper) in the snow. We read the story Snowmen at night and made our own snowmen using glue and shaving cream. Then we wondered what our snowman would do at night! We made our own snowman with painted boxes. Thanks to the Friday class that painted the boxes! We discussed how to build a snowman and the difference between large, medium, and small. We all decided to call him Snow Dude after the book we read called Snow Dude. The book is about a snowman that children made and then made a wish for it to come alive. It ran all over town, and along the way he caused a lot of mischief. The children were surprised when they came into the classroom and found snow and our own snowman in our classroom! He left such a mess! Then Mrs. B found a note from Snow Dude that said he was very proud of our class for being such great friends. He even left us all treats! We read the book The Mitten. Then decorated our own mitten to help us retell the story using all the animals we hid inside our mitten. We also have been having a great time throwing pretend snowballs at each other inside our classroom!!

We learned the letters K, L, M, N, O, and P this month. We did Key rubbings for the letter K, painted with lollypops for the letter L and Laced skates. For the letter M we counted Many Mini Marshmallows in a Mug. Then we went around the school measuring everything from doors to snowmen and ourselves using rulers and mittens. We used our scissor skills to cut Newspaper for the letter N. For the letter O, we learned about Opposites. P is for Penguins! We pretended we were penguins and waddled around, tried to balance a pretend egg on our feet, and stay warm by huddling together. We also have been working on our number book 1-12 counting snowflakes. Keep practicing counting those snowflakes!

Ciao! Social Studies we went to Italy! We colored a map, made an Italian flag buy cutting up green, white and red paper, we painted our own Mona Lisa, painted with spaghetti, made patterns with different pasta, learned to play bocce ball and ate Mrs. B’s favorite cookies, Pizzelle cookies. Thank you to Emily’s Grandma for making them! Yum! We even learned a few words in Italian.

We celebrated Martin Luther King Day we discussed how we can make this world a better place. The children had a lot of great ideas such as “Being good friends with all people”, “sharing our toys with our friends”, and “helping our friends when they need it”

We have a lot more to do in February. Our theme will be Love and Friendship! Can’t wait!

MMO…..Patty, Alicia, Michele, Fern, Adriana, Tori and Alison

MMO had lots of Winter Fun in January! We welcomed the NEW YEAR, decorated mittens, made snowmen, colored snowflakes, read books with winter theme and sang lots of songs about snowmen and snowflakes.
To celebrate the New Year we counted down from 10 to 1 then shouted “Happy New Year”. We used dot art to decorate triangle party hats.
We had lots of fun with mittens and snowmen! We colored a pair of mittens with crayons and decorated the room with the students beautfiul artwork. We also used a combination of shaving cream and glue to make adorable snowman and a life size one for our door. Marble paint was a bit hit when we made our snowglobes. Also in circle time we used the flannel board to discuss size and placement of the hat, eyes, nose etc. We read several books with a winter theme. We sang songs about mittens and then went on a mitten match hunt.
Penguins, penguins, penguins! We glued ovals, triangles and circles together to make an adorable penguin. We sang “I’m a Little Penguin” and counted and identified numbers while reciting “Five Little Penguins”. The words are attached to the back of the puppet.
This month MMO will go on a trip to Mexico and decorate hearts and learn a Valentine Poem. We will celebrate with Valentine parties. The sign-up sheets are posted between the two classroooms.
Thank you for your generosity in sending in snacks and supplies. Your contributions are greatly appreciated! ~ MMO
Kindergarten Enrichment class…Mrs. B and Miss Aimee

Our theme this month was snowflakes and snowmen!

We read some of Mrs. B’s favorite books about winter. We started with Snowmen at Night. We discussed what snowmen really did at night? We wrote what we thought the snowmen really do at night and drew a picture of our snowman. Next, we read No Two are Alike. We cut out snowflakes and made a story of where our snowflake may land. We painted with watercolors over tape to make a birch tree, we covered it with salt to make snowflakes falling, and then we added cardinal birds. The hallway looked wonderful. Last, we read The Mitten. We then wrote about what really fit in a mitten. All great ideas!

For Math we designed a snowflake using different geometric shapes. We have been working on tallies and batches of 10s. We have been practicing adding and subtraction with the help of counting beads of ten and rolling dice.

We are continuing with our word wall words and word families. We have been playing games of matching, seek and find, and reading simple sentences.

Science! We froze sheets of ice and put drops of food coloring and salt on the ice. We tried to guess what would happen. It looked like a piece of art until it all melted. We tried to catch ice cubes with salt and yarn. We learned that we needed a lot of patience, but we finally caught some ice cubes. We also made our own crystals! We tied pipe cleaners together to look like snowflakes, and then soaked them in Borax. The very next day we grew our own crystals!

Popcorn! We made popcorn and used our 5 scenes. We tried to guess what was in the mystery bag by feeling it. Nobody guessed it was kernels! We looked at them with magnify glasses, and then we smelled the kernels cooking. Next, we could hear the kernels popping, and soon we could see the popcorn and finally taste the popcorn.

We learned all about Penguins! We took a trip to the Polar Regions and learned all about Penguins. We learned the Emperor Penguin grows to be 3 ft. tall and weighs about 100 lbs. So we measured different things in the classroom including children to see how tall an Emperor Penguin really is! We discussed what Penguins can do and what they have. Then we labeled the body parts. The children were surprise to hear that the Dad penguin stays and takes care of the egg and hatches the egg while the mommy penguin goes off to eat as much food so when she comes back she can take over and feed the baby penguin. This lead to some great discussions during circle time!

Finally we took a trip to Italy for social studies. We learned to say a few words in Italian and count to 10. We made beautiful art, learned geography and climate, practiced our Mona Lisa smile, ate some Gelato, and played a game of bocce.

Looking forward to February!

3 day Nursery ……Miss Val & Miss Linda
January started off with fireworks for a New Year! We worked on letters I for ice skates, J, K and L, and numbers 6,7,8. We loved painting our cardinals in the snow and practicing our pre-writing skills by tracing shapes of snow flakes. Our favorite book this month was “The Mitten”. We had so much fun coloring and stuffing the animals in our mitten and hoping it wouldn’t bust! It didn’t because of our fabulous sewing skills. We started our “fancy folder” work for conferences in April. We are now getting ready to travel around the world next month.