January 2018 Newsletter

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January 2018 Newsletter

Happy New Year

Dear Parents,
Christmas is so much fun here! Lunch with Santa.( Mr. Joe, Mr. The Convery brothers (Chris and little brother Kevin,), Miss Fern’s husband John, Matt Thompson(,Krissy’s brother), Mr. Fullmer and newcomer Mr. Jack were incredibleThey read stories, collected lists, praised the children, sang, and danced all in a very heavy Santa Suit.. A great time was had by all! Those Santas are a gift from God to me!
Thank you to the teachers and the children for the incredible Christmas Shows. We rocked the church!The parents , Grandparents, uncles and aunts really enjoyed the performances
A special thank you to Dimistri’s grandparents who made the trip from Greece to see his show!
A special Thank You to the ‘Enrichment Class, they were the opening act for each performance

Thank you for all your wonderful Christmas gifts and Christmas family photos. We can’t see the office door!

Inside your child’s school bag you will find the registration forms for September 2018. Visitors will be arriving shortly . I encourage you to make a decision promptly.
If you would like to visit a classroom, come to the office and I will take you there
We are offering Morning and Afternoon Enrichment classes in the September 2018-2019 school year.

Now that the Winter is here take advantage of our before and after care
Monday thru Friday. Remember that you can participate in these programs even on the days your child does not have school!
Early morning drop off: 8:00 FREE of charge
Lunch Bunch 11:30 to 1:30 -$10.00,
Late Show 1:30 until 3:00 $10.00
Late , Late Show 3 to 5…$10.00 ($5.00 an hour)

Snow Days – If Haverford is closed because of snow, we are also closed. If Haverford is two hours late, we open the usual time.
Check your email and our facebook page

2 Day Nursery and Friday…Mrs. B, Mrs. Dennis & Miss Jackie

December was a busy month!! We marble painted Candy Canes with Jingle Bells which we used for our poem “Way up High”. The children also laced their own stockings which we hung by the fire with care. And we used our scissor cutting skills to cut out Santa’s beard. The children did a great job! For the Triangle shape we made and decorated our own tree by measuring Biggest to smallest and counted 1 to 4. We all wrote letters for Santa and put them by our tree in the hallway. I Hope Santa saw them!!! And the cookies we made hanging in the hallway. We also have been working on our number recognition by counting candy canes. We practiced patterns by using Christmas light to go with our song “Lights on the Tree”. We worked on our fine motor skills by threading red and white beads on pipe cleaners to make a candy cane. And the children made Reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer. I hope Santa’s reindeer were hungry!

We also worked on a special gift for our family. I hope you all enjoyed the special ornament the children made!!

They did a wonderful job at the Christmas show! We are all so proud of all of the children!!! And thank you to all of you who came and helped with our celebration after our concert. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful children and parents in our class!

We are looking forward to another busy month in January exploring and discovering our world around us!! I want to wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2018!!!

Kindergarten Enrichment..Mrs. B and Miss Aimie

December was full of excitement! We started singing “Peace on Earth” and “Hanukkah Lights” for choir. We posted the songs on our Trinity Nursery School Facebook page if you haven’t seen it yet. The kids did an awesome job! We had fun building our own Christmas tree out of cups. It took the whole class and some great planning by the children to accomplish this Engineering and math project.

We practiced addition, changed numbers to tally marks, and started subtraction. We used candy canes and snowballs (cotton balls) to help us.

We have been practicing our “word family” words and playing “seek and find” of the words in the social hall. We wrote our own letters to Santa and got to give him our letters in person! Santa came to visit us and ate lunch with us! We had fun singing for him and telling him all the great things we have been doing. We discussed all the hard work that the Elves and the Reindeer, then voted if we would like to be an Elf or a Reindeer. Great hearing all their reasoning!

For Science, we did an experiment with candy canes and what would happen if we put them in hot water vs. cold water. Great predictions!

We discussed Hanukkah and the story of lights and made homemade Latkes. They were delicious!

We are looking forward to January 2018! We will learn about Penguins and Hibernation and so much more!

Miss Kim and Miss Moira….3 day Pre-K

Happy 2018! Time to ring in the New Year! December was a very exciting month in PreK. We worked hard and long practicing for our Christmas Show, and it really paid off! The show was an amazing success. The children all sung loud and they all looked great up on stage. We were so proud of all their patience and hard work.
We spent the month of December getting ready for Christmas. We made tons of decorations for our classroom including a Santa Claus, Santa’s little helpers (elves), stockings, candy canes and gingerbread people that we decorated and made unique. We had so much fun water coloring Christmas balls to hang outside our classroom. The children loved making their own handprint card for their parents and their handprint “Rudolph” ornament as well, and they especially loved “Lunch with Santa” and spending time with him in our classroom. Hopefully everyone remembered to put out their homemade “Reindeer Food” on Christmas Eve.
We were so busy this month that we only got to two letters Jj and Kk. J-week brought us a Jaguar. The children enjoyed making a jaguar out of the letter J. And, K-week was filled with tracing and writing the letter K. Also, we made a Koala out of the letter K. We worked on our numbers and recognizing our last names. December sure was a great month, and we are looking forward to 2018, and all the fun it will bring.
Happy Birthday to Zachary and Brenna! We hope you had a great birthday!!

4 day pre k ……..Miss Sheri and Miss Naomi
December was such an exciting month in 4 Day Pre-K! We had two very special visitors this month! First, Santa visited us for a very special pizza lunch! He sang songs with us, danced with us, collected our Christmas lists and even gave each of us a special present since we are all on the nice list!! Next, Sarah’s mom came in to play the violin for us! We sang Christmas songs while she played the violin and she even taught us a few new songs to sing! Some fun projects we did this month were making lions for letter L week, making Santa ornaments with our handprints, cutting and painting Christmas trees, making penguins and Eskimos from the South Pole and also snowman globes ! In between all the fun, we took a break to celebrate Johnny and Sarah’s 5th birthday!! We ended our month by putting on one of the best Christmas Shows ever! Our friends and family were so proud of how beautiful we all sang and even came back to our classroom to celebrate! We are definitely looking forward to 2018!

5-day Transition Pre-K Mrs. Degnan, Mrs.North, Mrs.Millison, Ms.Moira

December was a busy time for fun crafts and activities of the season; from wreaths to candy canes, our class Decked the Halls with lots of Jolly!!!

Our class learned about the Legend of the Poinsettia of Mexico. A white weed turned into a beautiful red plant as a gift for the baby Jesus. The boys and girls made a poinsettia flower to decorate our walls. The red leaves and yellow berries looked so pretty.

The students picked out special gifts from a catalog for a loved one and provided three hints of what it was. It was fun for them to shop the catalogs looking for that special gift. Our class made Christmas cookies to top off our season of festivities. The children enjoyed decorating their own cookies and eating them!!!

Our class brought in their favorite Christmas books to share with their classmates. We all enjoyed sharing these special stories and why we love them so much.

Lunch with Santa was a huge success. The boys and girls really enjoyed spending time with the jolly man in the red suit. They provided him with entertainment also. We sang all our Christmas show songs and shared our list of gifts we want this year. Santa really enjoyed spending time with us and answering our questions about his life! Santa left us with a treat to remind us of how special we are to him.

We hope you enjoyed the special gift your child made especially for you. We are sure it found a special place on your Christmas tree this year. The boys and girls were so proud of their singing accomplishments in the Christmas show. They practiced a lot for your entertainment and enjoyment and did a super job of achieving their goal!

Letters and number are coming along beautifully. We continue our end of day games of ‘what comes after the letter!’ also ‘ guess the word with clues!’

Don’t forget that Zipper Day is coming soon! This means students can put their own jackets on along with zipping them independently!!!

Happy and Healthy New Year to all our Trinity Families!!!!

Miss Val and Miss Linda Nursery Class
December was a very busy month for our class. We worked on letters E, F and G. Everyone is doing a wonderful job learning the sounds of the letters and words that begin with each letter.
We all enjoyed making gingerbread kids and searching for them throughout the school .When they got out of the oven, they disappeared.. We never caught them. Boy can they run fast!
The best day was Lunch With Santa. We all got to sit on his lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. Some of us even had elaborate lists for him to collect and take back to the North Pole.
We sang for Santa, and colored many pictures for him. Even, our mascot was happy with the Christmas event!
Happy New Year to you and your families!
Mrs. Tustin & Miss Naomi – AM Kindergarten Enrichment

It’s hard to believe December is over and the new year is about to begin! We had so much fun during December! We made snowmen to hang in our classroom, Christmas Elves with our own faces, stars for Miss Marian to hang around the school, stockings to hang by our fireplace in the hallway, beautiful handprint wreath cards and Rudolph ornaments for our parents and a water bottle snowman! We sang lots of songs…especially Let There Be Peace on Earth and Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah…which we sang before the Nursery School Christmas shows! If you’d like to see and hear us singing, look for the videos on the Trinity Lutheran Nursery School Facebook page! We also did some holiday addition, sequencing, capital and lower case letter recognition and graphing! The highlights of our month were having Lunch with Santa (so much fun!) and our “Polar Express” movie day, complete with gingerbread cookies that we decorated ourselves and hot cocoa with mini-marshmallows!
Congratulations to our Stars of the Week this month…Cole P. and Mia P.!
We wish you and your families a very Happy, Healthy New Year!
MMO…..Michele, Pattie, Alicia, Fern ,Adriana, Tori & Allison
MMO had fun preparing for Christmas! We made marble painted candy canes, dot art stockings, ornaments made with circles and adorable picture wreath frames. I hope you all enjoyed our “fireplace” outside our door.
MMO hosted the “Best Lunch With Santa Ever”! Fern’s husband did a great job making the children feel comfortable with him. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful day.
We enjoyed the stories, “Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!” and “The Gingerbread Man.” We loved singing the Christmas classics, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “Jingle Bells” and “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
Also thank you for snack and supplies for the month! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
The themes for this month’s activities will center on “Winter”. Penguins, mittens, snowmen, and snowflakes will decorate our classroom!
The faculty of MMO would like to wish our students and their families a Happy, Healthy New Year!

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