March 2017 Newsletter

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March 2017 Newsletter
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“Buon Giorno” e’ Benvenuti al
We began with the inspection of our oversized wall map. We searched for a fancy lady’s high heeled boot. We noticed how small the boot was in comparison to the other countries, so small yet so rich in culture!
We fashioned a large mosaic Italy and placed it in the body of water that surrounds it on 3 sides. We identified the Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Ionia Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Grapes , Uvo, on a vine surround our display. Fichi, figs, limone,lemons, and oliva,olive trees decorate the presentation.
Leonardo da Vinci , isn’t the only one who can paint a lady with a faint smile. We have our Mona Lisa’s hanging proudly. Some are grinning, some are smiling, some have concerned eyebrows and some look content! We also sketched in pencil and markers, a view from the water of the city of Napoli, the sea at the bottom , the village in the middle and at the top, a church.
The children from the afternoon kindergarten enrichment class were painting figs, while listening to an “opera” by Tosca. Peyton, put her brush down and began to dance.In a few minutes, the Chapel turned into ‘La Scala” , and the children performed a ballet!
Miss Marian made a well with “farina”, added “sale” and “un’uovo”, to make “Pasta da Casa”!.
Each of us had a turn kneading dough (play dough) and putting it through the macaroni machine to make “linguine” with a hand crank!

Please go to our Facebook page………..Trinity Lutheran Nursery School and Mothers’ Morning Out 2015 and see all the wonderful things the children are doing!
March 8 ………..- “The Cat In The Hat”….Trinity Faculty Players
March 15……….- “St. Patrick Day Follies”…children should wear green
April 5…………….- Mrs. B’s conferences
April 6……………- Mrs. B’s and Miss Val’s conferences
April 10 to 17…..-Easter Vacation
April 16…………….Easter
April 18…………….Classes resume

3 day pre k……..Miss Kim and Mrs. Camuti
What a great month it has been here at Trinity! We have been getting outside for a lot of fresh air. We started off the month of February learning about the groundhog, and all about shadows. We joined Mrs. Tustin’s class down the hall so we could see our own shadows on the wall. We saw our shadows get bigger and smaller as we moved closer and farther away from the light. Also, we made animal shadows on the wall. It was such of fun time with our friends next door!
This month we learned all about the letters P, Q, R and S. “Pp” week brought us pirates. On Pirate Day, we made our own pirate hats and sashes. We got dressed up with an eye patch, pirate hat and sash, and we went on a real treasure hunt! X marked the spot! We had a great time being pirates. We had a snow day for our planned Pajama Day and we made it up during “Ss” week.
During “Qq” week, we painted with Q-tips and made a quilt out of our handprint. “Rr” week brought us rhyming and rainbows. For the letter “Ss”, we sewed a skate, cut out shamrocks, became superheroes, and started reading our favorite Dr. Seuss books. Also, we had our rescheduled pajama day. It was a super day to come to school in our pajamas and bring our own pillows.
In addition to our new letters, numbers, and words of the week, February was also a month of celebrations. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by having a party, making a “I LOVE YOU” to pieces heart, delivering Valentine’s to our friends, and making a special card for our special Valentine.
We learned all about famous presidents of the United States, and we talked about what we would do if we were president! Finally, we celebrated Mardi Gras with a parade and we made masks. We learned why we celebrate Mardi Gras and what makes it so special. Also, we had a fun time with Mrs. Clements who taught us all about Dental Hygiene. She brought with her “Blue The Toothbrush Dragon”. Thank you so much for coming into our classroom. We really learned a lot about our teeth. Wow, it sure was a busy month. We want to thank all the moms and dads that came in for conferences. It was a pleasure to meet with all of you, and to get to know a little bit more about your little ones. We are looking forward to the month of March, and of course, Spring!
Kindergarten Enrichment……Mrs. “B” and Miss Aimee
We started this month by learning all about Hibernation. We learned which animals hibernate, migrate, or adapt. We enjoyed playing games and reading stories about what animals do during the winter months.
Valentines was a theme this month. We made a beautiful piece of artwork using oil pastels and watercolors for the LOVE statue in Philadelphia. We made Mondrian Hearts by using straight lines and selective colors in a heart shape. We painted with shaving cream and food coloring to make beautiful prints. Then we cut the paper into triangles and pieced them all together to make a mosaic. It was great seeing everyone work together on this piece of art. It all looked great hanging in the hallway.
At circle time, we talked about our feelings and how to be a good friend. We used a paper heart to help explain our friend’s feelings when we are not nice to them. We crumbled it up and stepped on it and we realized that this paper heart will never be the same. The children then came up with ways to be helpful and respectful to all our friends. They did an awesome job! I was really proud of them!!
Science! We tested what would happen if we put candy hearts in warm water vs. vinegar. Then we added a little baking soda to see what would happen. It was exciting to make predictions and see if we were right with the results.
We made experiments for each of the senses and explained what we could hear, see, taste, smell and feel. We learned some sign language and learned how to sign our names. We learned that our heart is the size of our fist; it’s a muscle that takes 60 seconds to pump blood throughout our body. We ran around to speed up our pulse, and then rested on the floor to slow down our pulse. The children loved coloring-in our lungs, heart, stomach, intestines and used plastic bags and straws to simulate how our lungs work.

We discussed good choices for healthy eating. We played a game choosing which foods were healthy or not. We made a collage of Eat This vs. Not That. Our biggest debate was pie!

We continue reviewing our sight words and building on our word families, addition, subtraction, graphing, tallies, and money and its worth. We started counting pennies and playing heads or tails.

Thank you for sharing your children with us. We are having a lot of fun exploring and discovering the world around us.

Nursery Class………..Mrs.”B”, Miss Moira,& Mrs. Dennis
We have been very busy reviewing everything we have learned so far this school year and preparing for our conferences. I will be sending home more information as we get closer to the date.
We started this month by learning all about Ground hogs, shadows, and hibernation. Don’t wake up a sleeping bear! We loved playing games, learning poems, and singing songs.
Since it was Valentines this month our theme was all about LOVE, SHARING, and FRIENDSHIP!! We cut out our own hearts by folding paper in half and discussed what love means. Great answers from all the kids! We also decorated small canvases with our Thumb prints to look like hearts. Thumb body loves you!
We counted X’s and O’s, made patterns with X, O, Hearts, and Heart rubbings for art, and counted candy hearts.
We discussed good choices for healthy eating. We played a game choosing which foods were healthy or not. Our biggest debate was Pie! For Friendship day we learned about SHARING! We all brought in our favorite cereal to make a special Friendship snack to share with all our classmates. The children loved it and not a crumb to spare! At circle time we talked about our feelings and how to be a good friend. We used a paper heart to help explain our friend’s feelings when we are not nice to them. We crumbled it up and stepped on it and we realized that this paper heart will never be the same. The children then came up with ways to be helpful and respectful to all our friends. They did an awesome job! I was really proud of them!!

We celebrated Mardi gras with the whole school! We marched in a parade, played pass the pancake, and ate donuts!

4 day pre k ………..Miss Sheri and Miss Aimie
February fun started right away! It was so exciting waiting for the groundhogs prediction, getting ready for Valentine’s Day, learning about why we celebrate President’s Day, making masks for Mardi Gras and celebrating Mia and Noah’s 5th birthday! We also continued learning new letters of the week! This months new letters were P, Q and R! We did such a great job learning to write and sound out each letter. For P week we painted with peppers and potatoes and also wrote about how we would change the world if we were elected president! For Q week we painted with Q-tips and learned about the Queen of England! During R week we read the story Rainbow Fish, learned about rain, made rainbows and painted rocks! We can’t wait for all the fun March is going to bring!

MMO………Michele, Fern,Alicia,Patty, Adriana,Tori, & Allison
MMO had a lovely February! We began the month by learning a poem for Groundhog’s Day and listening to the story of the “Ten Grouchy Groundhogs.” For Valentine’s Day we used clothespin with cotton balls to paint hearts and used tissue paper to decorate a heart with our name written on it. We hung the name hearts in the classroom and practiced identifying our names at circle time. Also during circle time we took turns telling everyone who we love. And we painted adorable love birds to decor our hallway. In circle time we learned shapes and colors.

We are loving music time! We have been singing about a sleeping bear, snowflakes and the little love dog. We enjoy exercising, dancing, waving scarves and making music with egg shakers!

Our Valentine’s Day parties were so much fun! Thank you for sending in the treats, paper products and favors for our festivities!

Thank you for the contributions of snacks and supplies.

Our themes for this month are Dr. Suess, St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras!

Mrs. Tustin and Miss Naomi – Pre-K

In February, we learned about the letters Qq, Rr, Ss and Tt. We had fun learning about Groundhog Day and all about how the light makes our shadows. We celebrated St. Valentine’s Day with yummy snacks and lots of fun games. The boys and girls did a great job decorating their “mailbags” and delivering all of their Valentines to their classmates. We hope you liked the special Valentines they made for you! Thanks to everyone who sent in the supplies for our party. We celebrated Mardi Gras (aka Fat Tuesday and Donut Day) by making beautiful masks, wearing brightly colored beads and marching in our school celebration! That was so much fun and our donuts were delicious! We also learned about the presidents and talked about the weather in our four seasons and we even had our first snow day of the year! We also learned about the colors and finished a booklet about them. We are now starting to learn how to properly print our last names! Yes, we are quite busy in our class. Thanks to all of the parents for everything you do – it was nice seeing you all at conferences. Thanks to our Mystery Readers this month – Mrs. Mitch and

Mrs. Sweeney!

Happy Birthday to Noelle!!

And welcome to our new student – Royal Kurpel (who happens to be Maureen’s cousin)!
Miss Val and Miss Linda’s Nursery Class
Six more weeks of Winter? Doesn’t see like Winter! Thanks little groundhog for the pleasant surprise!
We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a friendship party. We practiced making hearts with markers. We cut our valentines from pink, purple and red paper. They shared them with “Love”.
We learned all about President George and President Lincoln.
Printing is fun when we practice with Stars. (patriotic)
We took an imaginary trip to Italy, where we made pasta, listened to opera and learned some Italian words. The “Lady’s Boot” is a easy clue to the identifying the country on our world map!
After Italy, we traveled to China to celebrate the New Year. We learned about their culture, tasted lo-mein, made a dragon and practiced origami. Gung-Hoy-Fat-Choy.
We can’t wait to see where our imaginary private Jet, the US Trinity takes us next!

5-day Pre-K Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs. Millison, Ms Moira
Ground Hog day predictions were made in our class as we waited to hear the ‘official’ report from Phil! We did groundhog crafts and had alot of fun talking about our own predictions.
The class learned how to pronounce Punxsutawney and learned that it took place in Pennsylvania.

The class made the letter P into a Pizza! We watched popcorn pop in our air popper. The best part of course was eating it.

For Q week our class made a beautiful quilt out of fabrics from home and glued them to our letter Q!

Valentine’s Day celebrations are always a fun time for the students. We made hearts to decorate our room. .
Our party was filled with colors red and pink. We enjoyed using conversation heart candy to count and sort by color. The best part was eating them when they were finished! The class enjoyed handing out their cards and well wishes to all their friends. We also made cinamon and sugar treat to share with our parents for Valentine’s Day.

The class made silhouettes of President Lincoln and Washington. Some of the students made Lincoln and some made George Washington. The crafts decorating our hall looked so patriotic! We also made cherry pies to eat at snack time!

The class learned about Mardi Gras and made masks to celebrate while we ate donuts on Fat Tuesday!

Dental Health week was all about how many teeth we have and how to keep them healthy. We did a few fun experiments with putting holes in and apple and white eggs in soda! We watched the decay over the week of school!

Conferences ran smoothly. The class is so excited to hear about going to kindergarten. They certainly have grown over the year and are ready for the ‘big’ school! Each child has such unique talents they bring to our class. It is so inspiring to watch them put to use what they are learning.

We want to start thinking tulips and daffodils now!!! The class is thrilled with the warm weather and the chance to play outside!