November 2016 Newsletter

Trinity Lutheran Nursery School & Mothers’ Morning Out
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2016 November Newsletter
Dear Parents,
Fall colors are so beautiful. Fall colors with a touch of Picasso and a Halloween flair make for some interesting exhibits in our “Hallway Galleries”. We have scary paintings with barren black trees and huge harvest moons shining brightly in the night time.. The pastel abstract black cats hung proudly next to the water colored wide eyed owls , while creepy crows hovered above!
We have a display of gourds, pumpkins and squash in orange, green , yellow , and white. Some look like maracas, some look like swans & some like Cinderella’s carriage . We have a perfectly shaped pumpkin with green and tan warts all over it! One pumpkin looks like it got splashed with green paint., another looks like a spinning top. My favorite is the witchy looking light green pumpkin..all she needs is a pointed nose! Needless to say, Halloween was fun here.

Thank you to Miss Michele Moresco for organizing the “Pink Dance Party”. The children had an awesome time for a good cause. Everyone was dancing!!!

“In 1492 , Columbus sailed the ocean blue”…..Our gigantic home made map has the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria making that journey to the New World. We now have a Monday class in geography , which studied Columbus’ departure from “Spain” to the islands. We also studied Hawaii with it’s hot spilling lava.

After much campaigning , encouraging our children to get out and vote, Our candidates, Rosie and Freddy are preparing for their final face off on November 3rd here at school. Their constituents are planning a joint, very respectful, pep rally. So far, Rosie has gotten her hair trimmed, and painted her nails. Freddie bought a new tie. Voting will be immediately after the rally(so .simply done!)
Take advantage of our Lunch Bunch, Late Show, Late Late Show:
Wedsday….yoga and zumba!
Thursday….Music Michele
$10.00 9 to 1:30
$10.00 1:30 to 3
$10.00 3 to 5
Remember …you can come join us just for the afternoon!
Mark you calendars:
November 1st……….Nursery School Picture Day
November 2nd……..Nursery School Picture Day
November 8……….Election Day….SCHOOL IS CLOSED
November 24 25…..Thanksgiving Holidays….school closed
December 7……..”Lunch With Santa”…..
December 16……..last day of MMO
December 19 to Jan .2 …….Christmas Vacation
January 3 …………….classes resume
Nursery School Christmas Shows:

Wednesday, December 14
9:15……..Miss Val and Miss Linda
10:15……..Mrs. B, Miss Moira, Mrs. Dennis
11:00…….Miss Kim & Mrs. Camuti
12:00…….Mrs. Tustin & Miss Naomi
Thursday, December 15
9:15………Mrs. B , Miss Moira, Mrs. Dennis
10:00………Miss Sheri & Miss Aimee
11:00………Mrs., Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs. Millison &
Miss Moira
***the Christmas Show is the beginning of vacation for your child
December 7 – LUNCH WITH SANTA $12.00 a child
1. Pick up for Lunch With Santa is 1:30
2. Nursery School children meet Santa in their c Classrooms..
NO Need for mom to accompany …they are big kids now!
3. MMO meets Santa in the Social Hall and each child must
Be accompanied by an adult . Children will have pizza for Lunch but their moms will have a lite lunch of Salad and fruit! Children in MMO pay $12.00 , Moms are Our guests!
4. We have 7 Santas coming! No two are ever in the same Place At the same time !
5. Children can hand Santa their lists! Some lists are cut and
Pasted items..some lists are printed.(make sure you bring Your list)
6. Lunch With Santa is lots of fun!

5-day Transition Pre-K
Mrs. Degnan, Mrs. North, Mrs. Millison and Ms. Moira
We began October celebrating Pablo Picasso’s birthday. The class made a beautiful interpretation of his piece called The Mask. The students learned how to use pastels to make their picture.

Letter C week, the class made chocolate cupcakes,used candy corn for math and made Halloween cats shaped like a C! We had fun with the letter C! The class also enjoyed reading about Pete the Cat and doing a craft relating to a story about his four buttons.

Letter D week the class brought in their special show and tell for Disney Day. They got a chance to share their toys and explain to the class what was special about it.

Christopher Columbus was celebrated for his accomplishments of coming to America. The class learned about the three ships he brought with him. Each student made their own ship and made up a special name for it.

Our Trinity school celebrated with a dance party to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. We all wore pink and our class danced and sang to Y-M-C-A!

The Manoa Fire Company came to Trinity to share their expertise in preventing fires and safety tips during Fire Prevention Week. Each student had an opportunity to squirt the fire hose. What a thrill for them! They also enjoyed climbing inside the fire truck.

Our class made many fun fall crafts this moth. Pumpkins, spiders, witches and mummies were everywhere. We learned to make the color orange using red and yellow paint. The students made pumpkins to add to our huge pumpkin patch filled with many different types of pumpkins.

We learned about the inside of pumpkins and how they grow. Thanks to Raven’s Dad and Patrick’s Dad for bringing in pumpkins, We were able to see just how big a pumpkin can get. Mrs. Degnan cut open a little pumpkin so we could see, touch and smell the inside! They also planted a pumpkin seed of their very own. Hopefully they will grow into huge plants!

Halloween was a fun day in our classroom. We shared our treats and played games.

Weather is growing chilly, but we still go outside. Please have your child prepared for outside play on days they will need hats and gloves. It is also time to start practicing zipping our ‘own’ jackets! We will have a zipper day contest in January, so it’s not too soon to practice!

Thank you to all the parents who have donated items for our class. We really appreciate the play dough, boxes of tissues, water, and hand wipes !

Kindergarten Enrichment…Mrs. B & Miss Aimee
October theme was Halloween
We have been working on number identification, simple addition, and counting with different items such as candy, pumpkins, and rolling dice games. We learned all about pumpkins. Such as how a pumpkin grows. We estimated how tall our pumpkin was and how much it weighted.
We have been playing a lot of games with our word wall words. Our favorite is Memory and Candy Land. We can read The Fat Cat after practicing our “at” words. We are starting to write sentences by see it, trace it, build it, draw it, and we write it.
We had a lot of fun exploring science! We made gummy worms dance in a jar with baking soda and vinegar. We experimented with slim and play dough and discussed what the differences were and what was the same. We learned all about spiders, parts of the body, how they spin a web, and how important they are. We learned a funny song about spiders using rhyming words, which the kids came up with some great rhymes! We also learned some facts about Bats. We found out that Bats are nocturnal, eat fruit and bugs, and have fur.
Hanging in our stairway, we painted scary trees in moonlight using oil pastels and tempera paint, and made scary cats with chalk pastels for Picasso.
We are having fun in geography with Miss Sherry learning about different countries and how to say hello and goodbye in other languages. We love gym class with Miss Kim who has us playing a lot of fun games, and Zumba! So much fun watching all the kids dances around!
Thank you for sharing your children with us. Looking forward to all the adventures we will be having in November!

2 day Nursery & Friday..Mrs. B, Miss Moira, & Mrs, Dennis
October was quit a busy month! We reviewed the letters C by making Handy Candy Corn, Dotted the letter D, Elephant puppet for the letter E, and glued feathers on letter F. We made scary ghost for the letter G. We have been practicing our scissor skills by cutting paper to make little mummies and cut out different eyes, nose, and mouths and made silly looking pumpkins.
Happy Birthday to Picasso! We made our own version of “Cubist College” by practicing our scissor skills to cut out pumpkins, then cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces and glued them back together. We also made our own version of Edvard Munch “Scream” by making scary Ghost sculptures.
Black and Orange where our colors this month. We painted Black Cats and laced webs for our spiders and orange pumpkins. The children loved mixing yellow and red paint to make Orange! Then we painted terracotta pots to look like little pumpkins! And we made funny faces on paper pumpkins! For Math we have been counting 5 little pumpkins, matching 1-5 on scarecrows, and counting pumpkins seeds. We playing I spy a number during circle time and we worked on patterns with pumpkins and spiders. For Science we cut open a pumpkin and studied what was inside. Some guessed there was candy inside, but all we found was seeds and pulp. Then we made our own real Jack-O-lantern! We made up a silly story on how a pumpkin became a Jack- O-lantern. We used scissors to make pumpkin lanterns. And we also learned the difference between solids and liquids by making Goop with corn starch and water. It was fun digging our bugs, worms, and snakes ourof our goop!
Our favorite book this month is Big Green Monster. All the kids like to read along with me. We made our own Big Green Monster to take home.
We learned about autumn and how leaves change color. Thank you to all the students brought in colorful leaves to share with the class! We marble painted our own leaves.
We had a visit from the Manoa Fire Company! It was so much fun pretending to take a ride on the fire truck! We learned all about fire safety and not to be scared of the firemen because they are here to help us. Stop, Drop, and Roll!
Finally we had a great Halloween Party!!! All the kids looked Spooktacular!!! Thank you to all the parents who brought in special treats for us! We had fun parading around, playing games, and most of all singing our Halloween songs for all of our friends and family!!

Miss Val and Miss Linda……..Nursery Class
We started off October with the letters C & D. We made paper donuts with cream and jimmies. We stirred glue with shaving cream & sprinkled colored jimmies on top of the donuts . Our scarecrows looked fancy with patches on their numbers. We cut tissue paper to make our mummies look fancy. We loved spin art spiders webs and check out our “Handy” vampires. For our Election we voted on “What costume will Trigger wear on Halloween? The winning costume will be worn at the parade. Thanks for all the supplies and treats for our spooky party. Happy Birthday to Wyatt and Alyssa.

3 day pre k ….Miss Kim and Mrs Camuti
Well, Fall is in full swing. We talked about all the things that Fall will bring us, like cooler temperatures, shorter days, and colorful leaves. We recited Fall poems and sang some Fall songs. We began the season of Fall by sponge painting big leaves and creating over-sized candy corns that are hanging in our classrooms.

October was a very busy month for us! We had lots of fun learning all our new letters of the alphabet. We started off by learning about the letter “Dd”. “D” was for dots and dogs. We made our very own doghouse out of the letter “D”. “Ee” week brought us elephants and things we like to EAT. “Ff” week brought us fish and Fire Prevention Week. We made fish in fish bowls. We counted and sorted Pepperidge Farm goldfish and we painted with feathers. Also, we talked about fire safety and made a fire dog puppet. “Gg” week came just in time to make cotton and handprint ghosts for Halloween.

Of course the alphabet isn’t the only thing we learn about in Pre-K. We had so much fun learning, writing and tracing our numbers too! We talked all about Christopher Columbus and how he discovered America. We wore pink to school and had a awesome time at our Dance Party with Miss Michele. We also talked about the famous artist, PICASSO . We created our own masterpieces that are hanging in the hallway. The Manoa Fire Company also came to visit Trinity in October as well. We got to go on a real fire truck and met real firefighters. We got to squirt the real fire hose! We were invited into Mrs. Tustin’s room to listen to firefighter Heather. She showed us all of her fire equipment and some of us got to try on her fire jacket. We spent some time working independently this month too. We traced our letters with dry erase markers, we matched up magnetic alphabet letters and foam numbers. We played with Play doh, puzzles and practiced cutting with scissors.

Last, but not least, the month of October brought us Halloween! We loved getting ready for Halloween in our classroom. We made paper pumpkins, mummies, skeletons, and handprint spiders. We measured and weighed actual pumpkins. We measured ourselves in “pumpkins” Then, we even got to carve real pumpkins. The highlight of celebrating Halloween in our school was our Halloween party, where we played games like “pass the pumpkin” and even made a witch’s brew! Thank you for all the donations to help the kids celebrate this fun day!

Thank you to all of the parents who have donated items to our class and to our wonderful Mystery Readers this month! The children get so excited and love listening to you read to our class!!

MMO….Adriana, Fern, Pattie, Alicia, Tori and Allison
MMO had a spook-tacular October!

Our Halloween crafts were coloring lots of Halloween scenes, marble painting spider webs and decorating treat bags. We also used paper plates to make owls. First we painted the plate brown, then added circle eyes and a triangle nose.

During circle time we practiced counting while singing, “ Five Little Pumpkins”. We sang “the Itsy Bitsy Spider” and added two versions. We used our big voices to sing “The Great Big Spider” and our tiny weeny voices to sing “ The Teeny Weeny Spider”. We identified the colors red, yellow, orange and brown as we sang “The Leaves Are Falling Down”. We also discussed where to place the parts of a jack -o-lantern’s face and a scarecrow’s body using felt pieces on a flannel board.

We enjoyed listening to the stories, “Where’s My Mummy”? And Clifford’s Halloween.
This month we also celebrated “Pink Day” to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness. The kids made adorable pink ribbon decorations and danced at the dance party in the church.

The Halloween parties were wonderful! The children looked adorable in their costumes and Halloween attire! Thank you for sending in the treats and the paper products that made the parties so festive!
We also appreciate the daily snack contributions! Thank you for sending in water and food items from the list on the calendar!
We will continue to go out to the playground as long as the weather permits. Please remember to label jackets, coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, etc. . Sneakers are the best type of shoe for running, climbing and playing outside.
This month we look forward to our Thanksgiving activities! We will learn Thanksgiving songs and poems and make crafts for the Holiday!
4 day pre k…………..Miss Sheri and Miss Aimee
October was such a busy month in 4 day pre-k! We decorated our classroom for Halloween by making spiders, ghosts, jack o’lanterns, frankenstein handprints and haunted houses! October was also exciting because Emma Jane’s dad visited us from Manoa Fire Company. He talked to us about fire safety, showed us all of the equipment fire men need to keep safe, let us walk onto the fire truck and even let us squirt the fire hose! Another fun October event was when we had our school dance party which raised lots of money to donate to Breast Cancer Research! It was so much fun to sing and dance with all of our friends at Trinity! To end the month of October, we of course had a blast at our Halloween parade and party! Everyone looked great in their costumes and we had delicious snacks to celebrate the day!! Oh and last, but not least, we got to celebrate Lia’s 5th birthday with her!! Can’t wait to see what fun November will bring!
Pre-K Mrs. Tustin and Miss Naomi

Our class is moving along very nicely. The season of Fall and the month of October brought many fun art projects to our room. From our sparkly candy corn hanging from the lights, to our spooky footprint ghosts, to our Jack-O-Lanterns, silly Gargoyles, q-tip skeletons, black cats and spiders in webs, we were really busy! We’ve learned about the letters D-H and the numbers 1-5. We are working very hard to learn to print our names properly. The Name Club will be starting soon! We are also learning about different shapes, opposites and rhyming words. We heard about the famous artist Pablo Picasso and even recreated one of his famous paintings. It was so much fun to hear about Christopher Columbus and his three ships…the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria! This month, we had a visit from the Manoa Fire Company. We got to go into the fire truck and even spray the fire hose! And we had a real firefighter – Caylin’s mom, Heather Alosi – come into our classroom and let us try on her special fire coat and helmet! Thanks so much to these wonderful community helpers! We’ve enjoyed our fun “special” classes – Gym with Miss Kim and music with Miss Tami. And finally, there was Halloween Day! It’s one of our favorite holidays! Everyone looked great in their costumes. We had fun wrapping Miss Naomi up like a mummy and then making our own paper mummies. Thanks to all of the parents who provided treats and paper products for our celebration! We also want to thank everyone for sending in such great products for the Beginning Sounds Box!

And thanks to our Mystery Readers this month – Kate Fleming and Anthony Alosi!

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week – Nicholas, Molly, Maelyn, Cole and Caylin!

Challenge: Raising Kind Kids
Being Left Out Hurts: Moms, Stop ‘Social Engineering’
I heard a disturbing story recently from a friend, and I can’t seem to get it out of my head. It went something like this … the camp buses were leaving for an overnight camp in the Midwest, and one Mom somehow had access to get on one of the buses before departure. She literally managed to rope off (save) an entire section for eight 11-year-old girls. She stayed on the bus while the “Chosen 8” boarded and sat in their “designated” seats. Another girl, a new camper, got on the bus, who was the same age, and asked if she could join “those” girls. The Mom responded: “I’m sorry, but it’s reserved” and then she got off.

The clique had been formed and there was no room for “intruders.” (I’ll get to that Mom a little later…)

The new girl, let’s call her Sarah, had been given three simultaneous messages: 1. You are not invited. 2. You are not good enough. 3. This is “The Group” — and you are not part of it, so don’t even try.

One of the main reasons I started my blog GIRLilla Warfare ( was because of the overabundance of Middle School war stories that I had been hearing from so many moms. Same story, different players. And I hate to say this, but the root of this particular social evil, is usually (sadly) initiated by a group of Moms. One of our GW writers pointed out in another blog, that those Moms decide who is IN and who is OUT. It is political, and it is what we at GIRLilla Warfare call “Suburban Social Engineering” which ends up causing many children deep, unnecessary pain.

Don’t get me wrong. Many kids choose to be with whom they feel most comfortable, and that’s totally acceptable. It’s the piece in which the Moms not only helicopter but also patrol kids’ potential friendships that I’m focusing on here.

One Mom shared a story about how her daughter is best friends with a particular girl in her overnight camp, where they spend eight weeks together, inseparable, but when school comes around that girl “drops her daughter” because she is considered on the fringes of “The Group” — not an insider. The message that girl is getting is similar to Sarah’s, just the next step up: You are good enough for the summer, but not during school. See ya, in July.

What does a 12 year old girl do with that? What does her Mom do with that, who happens to be friends with the other girl’s mother?

Does she tell her?

I’m sorry to break the news, but that Mom already knows. In fact she called the “dropped” girl’s Mom to say (and I paraphrase): My daughter is having a party next week, and I just want to give you the heads-up that your daughter is not invited because she is not close friends with the other girls. You understand, right?

Another scenario that I personally witnessed a few years ago was a close friend’s Middle-School daughter had organized a group to go “Trick or Treating” and was very excited about it. Two weeks before Halloween, however, another girl in her class (with whom she has no problems) decided to have a party and invited every girl in that group but THAT particular girl. In short, the girl who organized the “T or T” was left alone, with no plans for Halloween. Her friends, however, all went to the party, and not a single mother of those girls said, “Hey, my daughter has plans with X, can she come too?”

The problem I told my friend (whose daughter was dumped) is that all those moms were just so happy (relieved) that their own daughter was included that they were “afraid” to go to bat for another kid. I know many of you might not agree with me … but I believe in scenarios such as this one, as a Mom, you can and should “stick up” for another child, and make that call on his or her behalf. The actual Mom of the kid (in the Invisible Book of Middle School Protocol), unfortunately, cannot do it, but YOU can do it for her.

I know we all wrestle with the same question at various points: Do I call? What will be the consequences for my kid if I do?
Two years ago, my eldest daughter was graduating from eighth grade. I was literally so sick of hearing these stories of kids around town being left out in a “brutal” way. Let me just interrupt myself here and say that these actions are not exclusive to my community. Not by a stretch. It occurs nationwide, suburban-wide. So if you live in my town, please note, I’m not singling you out. Anyway, I decided to take a drastic step. I contacted a friend and said, “I know this is crazy but let’s invite the whole damn class for a graduation party. We can have it in my backyard. Why not?”

And so we did. We sent out flyers and passed them around in the lunchroom. We hired a high school deejay and set up a movie in the backyard, and nearly every mom in the class sent something to my house — four full tables filled with desserts (the local Fire Department LOVED the leftovers). And there it was: the “popular” kids, the theater kids, the goth kids, the athletes, the mathletes — every type of “group” was united in my backyard and it was a mingling like I’d never seen before, and probably will never see again. I received at least 10 calls from various parents, saying, “Thank you, my son/daughter has not been invited to a single party his/her entire junior high experience. (That made me cry inside — imagining those children scrolling through all the social events they were NOT invited to, courtesy of Facebook).

But here’s what really came out of what I call an “umbrella” party. It had a Domino Reaction. A friend called and said, “You know, I heard about your crazy party. You’re nuts. But … I had actually invited six boys to my son’s birthday party in a few weeks. And after hearing that you included everyone and how great it was, I made calls and invited the other five boys in his class that I had initially left out.”

There were at least three other parties that “inclusion” became the theme. Not everyone can throw a bash for 150 kids. It wasn’t the party; it was the message — TEACH YOUR KID BY EXAMPLE TO INCLUDE. I can’t even begin to tell you what that does for a shy kid to get an “unexpected” invitation. The impact is a game changer for that child.

There’s another crucial piece I believe that falls somewhere in the Being Left Out category — much further down the line, and truly serious. Teen Suicide. There have been a spate of young suicides in the Chicagoland area in the past several months. Some causes have been attributed to too much pressure, bullying, homosexuality, girlfriend/boyfriend problems, and eating disorders.

Middle School and High Schoolers have to deal with a lot of pain — rejection, particularly — as they try to forge their own identities. We as parents need to help give them the necessary tools when life feels so dark. We need to be on the lookout if we see kids we know drastically changing — going from happy to morose. We need to listen hard, if we hear (as I recently did) from our own child that a friend of hers/his is cutting themselves. Be on the look out, and don’t be afraid to make That Call to a parent or a close friend of that parent expressing your concern, even if you feel it’s not your place.

This is, in my opinion, the true “Neighborhood Watch.”

I learned from a very young age that making The Call makes all the difference. I was in 7th grade and my younger brother told me that his friend was being abused by his Dad, but made me swear not to tell our parents because they knew the father. So I honored my brother, but I did call the school anonymously and told the principal what was happening. The principal took care of the situation, and that father was later arrested for child abuse.

My point: Make the damn call. If you see a child being left out, bullied, or worse, and you know about it — don’t be afraid to stand up for someone else’s kid. You can always use anonymity and call the principal to get the ball rolling.

I don’t mean for any of us to become “Gladys Kravitz” — and I know sometimes not minding our own business backfires, but my personal philosophy is Better the Call Than the Consequences.
That Mom on the bus with the social “rope” should be ashamed of herself. Sadly, the only time she will ever really know how “it” feels is when her own kid is left out. And don’t be misled, even the most popular of girls and boys get “dissed.” No one gets by in life scot-free.

I am not a shrink, and my advice is only opinion and personal experience. But perhaps the most important lesson to teach and show by example to our children is the oldest and goldest one of all: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

And then, my friends, let’s see how the cards fall …

Lisa Barr is the editor and creator of GIRLilla Warfare, and the author of the award-winning novel “Fugitive Colors” – A version of this post was published on the site