Nursery School Parents’ Nite 2016-2017

Parents’ Night 2016-17
Mary Anne Degnan – 5 day transitional class teacher
Megan Millison -5 day transitional class assistant teacher
Chrissy North- 5 day transitional class assistant teacher
Sherri Faso- 4 day pre k teacher
Aimee Mc Caughey – 4 day pre-k assistant teacher & Aft K. Enrichment assistant teacher
Jill Camuti- 3 day pre k assistant
Sue Billbrough – 2 day Nursery Class teacher plus Friday
Aft. Kindergarten Enrichment teacher
Moira Mc Caughey- 2 day Nursery Class & Afternoon Transitional class assistant teacher
Jill Dennis- 2 day Nursery class assistant teacher plus Friday
Donna Keenan – school secretary
Donna Tustin – 3,4, or 5 day pre k class teacher
Naomi Mc Caughey – 4,or 5 day pre k class assistant teacher
Val Casterioto – 3, 4 or 5 day Nursery Class teacher
Linda Garecht – 3 ,4 or 5 day Nursery class assistant teacher

General Comments:
We would like to do a special art project with your child and need a recent picture for this. Please send it in, during the first week of school.

Each child is to have a school bag with their name on it. The school bag comes to school every day and all projects, correspondence and activities will be placed inside. Please check your child’s school bag for hidden treasures. It is important that all your child’s belongings have his name on it. The lunch box and school bag should have the name on the inside of the bag or box.

Extended day (Lunch Bunch) is offered Monday thru Thursday during the week from 11:30 to 1:30. The cost for lunch is $10.00 per day. If you are interested, pack your child a lunch and please place the fee in an envelope with your child’s name on it. SIGN THE WHITE BOARD IN THE CLASSROOM..Name, paid $10.00,, allergy, epi stick, pick up. Place the fee in the envelope marked LUNCH
LATE SHOW: SIGN THE WHITE BOARD IN THE CLASSROOM..Name, paid $15.00,, allergy, epi stick, pick up. Place the fee in the envelope marked LUNCH
Miss Moira offers after school care which begins at 1:30 and ends at 3:00 for $10.00 .Monday thru Friday.
Early Morning Drop Off:
Each Floor will have a designated drop off room at 8:00 ..THIS IS FREE!

Tuition is due the first school day of each month. Tuition is a payment made 9 times during the school year, on the first school day of each month. It is not a monthly fee but a fee based on 38 weeks of teachers’ salaries divided by 9 payments. If there is a problem with the payment please contact me. There are 2 large envelopes in your child’s classroom pinned on the wall. Please make sure your check is inside the envelope marked TUITION

The phone number 610-446-4214 rings in the school office. The church office is opened until 2:00. The number is 610-446-6398.
Our church secretary will give me the message. SEND ME AN EMAIL… or call me on my cell…610-716-1895

If your child is going home with someone other than yourself, please write a note, or send an email to the teacher We are not permitted to dismiss the child without permission from you.On the pick up form you have listed the people allowed to pick up your child. . We are meeting you and may not know who the other people are. We need for you to accompany all persons listed, to school for an introduction before they are scheduled for a pick up. Until the teacher becomes familiar with the pick up person, she will continue to ask for a photo ID.
If for some reason, a person listed for pick up will no longer be permitted at dismissal, you need to inform the school promptly in writing and in person. If an emergency contact changes, please notify the teacher and the director in writing.
We can not dismiss your child to young siblings.
If there is an emergency, you need to call the school , give the name , address and a description of the person picking up your child. If there is no answer in the school office, call the church secretary, at 446-6398 and she will find me. This person needs to have their photo ID to present to the teacher.

If you need to speak with your child’s teacher, send her an email to schedule an appointment

We are asking for donations for paper products from each of our classes during the first week of school.
Top Floor- paper towels
Middle Floor- tissues
Bottom Floor – wipes

If you haven’t paid the activity fee, please do so during the first week of school. The nursery class is $20.00, the pre-k class pays $22.00
Please be prompt for arrival and dismissal.
9:00 and 11:30 . When dropping off your child, please be quick. We need your parking space. We will stagger arrival and dismissal. times Your teacher will discuss this with you this evening. The 5 day class will begin at 8:45 and dismiss at 1:45 to help with traffic at arrival.
Outside of ARRIVAL and DISMISSAL where we use all three entrances..(.Main door, elevator door, and side door), all parents of Nursery School and Mothers’ Morning Out children will use the side door close to the elevator to enter our building. Ring the bell and come to the top floor and we will take you where you need to go. So if you forget a lunch box or a school bag, or are a “late arrival” ,or are coming to be the “Mystery Reader” , you can use the side door to come in . In short, everything stays the same with the three entrances except after arrival times and before dismissal times.
Thank you for your cooperation

Snow Days – If Haverford School District is closed for a snow day, so is Trinity. If Haverford is two hours late. TRINITY WILL OPEN AT THE USUAL TIME. Call me at home if you need to 353-2981. Some of our teachers will inform you this evening if they are going to use e mail to correspond with you.
My email address is

A newsletter is published the first week of each month. Inside, you will find announcements, coming events and a short synopsis from each class about what they are working on. You’ll find this newsletter inside the school bag and on the web.

We have a web page. It is Click on pre-school and photo gallery to see what we do in school. We also post our forms and newsletters.

Nutritious snacks are important for our children. Please stay away from chocolate, Punch, Ice Tea cooler, lemonade and cupcakes with icing.. Some classes this year are asking the moms to pack their child’s snack each day. Your teacher will inform you this evening

The 5 day class will use the back stairs for arrival and dismissal. Mrs. Degnan will take you there this evening. This will help the flow of traffic in and out of the building.

If you are planning a party, and do not intend to invite the entire class, please send the invitations by mail or email. In October, you will have our school directory. If you need a class list now, please come to the office.

When siblings have a school holiday, please don’t ask us if they can stay at Trinity. Our classrooms are full. We don’t want to hurt their feelings by saying no.

Sub List – We do like to pull from our school community. In each classroom there is a sub list. Please sign up to be a sub. The stipend is $25.00 a day.

We enjoy seeing the children play out front in the nice weather however, we would appreciate it if you would refrain from allowing them to play in the gardens, trees, church steps and ledges. This is both for the safety of the children and the well being of the property. The playground on the side of the building is open and you are more that welcomed to use it as long as there is adult supervision.

Please complete the action plan paper for your child’s allergy . It will be in your classroom tonight
If your child has an IEP, I need a copy of it ASAP. If your child will receive services here at school, I need the clinician to report to my office before she visits the child. In the office,she needs to have ID from her organization to present to me. She needs to sign in , identifying herself, the date and time she arrived and the name of her client .The therapist must come enter through the side door next to the elevator
Please relate this information to your child’s therapist.

Nursery School Info
All A.M. classes begin at 9:00 and end at 11:30
5 T class 8:45 to 1:45 Monday thru Thursday, Friday 9 to 11:30

Label all clothing which will be removed in school. Please let your child wear clothes that will not be spoiled by paints, paste or clay. All Nursery Classes need to have an entire change of clothes placed in a plastic bag with their name on the outside. This will remain at school.

There will be several parties during the year. If you would like to help with a special party, please sign your name on your teacher’s list on Parents’ Night
If your child has a birthday during the school year and would like to celebrate in school, we would be very happy to have you send in a special treat for the class. We will try to schedule your snack day on your child’s birthday. If we forget, please remind us. Birthdays are a very special day for your child. Please mail invitations to the child’s home when not inviting the entire class for a birthday party. A directory will be supplied during the third week of school.
Some classes will ask for each child to bring their own snack each day.
(some teachers may add wipes to the snack and drink calendar). Some classes will have a snack and drink calendar

After Christmas, we schedule conferences with parents for all classes. There are no classes for your child on the day of his/her conference. Individual conferences can be arranged at the parent’s request any time during the school year.

Health or Illness:
Please use the following guidelines to help you determine the wellness of your child. If any doubts exist as to whether you should send your child to school, it is generally better to keep him home. Keep your child home if he:
a. has a fever in the morning or on the previous night
b. has a cold with a running nose, cough scratchy or sore throat
c. new or unexplained eruption or spots on the skin
d. unusual fatigue or chills
e. nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

In the event your child becomes ill during the session, the school will attempt to call the parent first. If no answer, we will use the emergency number on the form. Please notify the school if your child develops a communicable disease such as chicken pox, etc. Your child will automatically be sent home from school if he shows symptoms of any of the following:pink eye, impetigo, head lice, fifth’s disease, fever and persistent cough. We are asking you to keep your child home for two days, if your child has head lice.
Some diseases in a pregnant woman may threaten the health of the mother and/or her unborn child. In general pregnant women are well advised to avoid persons who have infectious illnesses, particularly if rashes are involved.
The following are some examples of such diseases:
Chickenpox: Most pregnant women have already had chickenpox as a child and are immune to the disease. In this case, they and their unborn babies are safe from exposure to the chickenpox virus. However, if a woman, who has not had chickenpox and is not immune, comes into contact with a known case during her pregnancy, there may be a significant health risk. She should inform her OB as a matter of urgency, so that an assessment can be made and preventive measures can be considered.
‘‘Fifth’’ disease or ‘‘Slapped Cheek’’ disease. If a woman is exposed to this virus in early pregnancy (before twenty weeks gestation), she should promptly inform her OB . Investigations can be initiated to check if infection has been acquired so that actions can be taken to reduce the chance of problems with the pregnancy. In general, it is probably advisable that women in early pregnancy should take ‘‘avoiding action’’ in the educational setting if a known outbreak of ‘‘Fifth’’ disease occurs.
Rubella (German measles): Exposure to rubella virus in a non-immune woman during early pregnancy may lead to damage to the unborn baby. It is also now routine for women to be offered testing for immunity to rubella as part of their routine antenatal care.
* Shingles…….Pain, burning, tickling, tingling, and/or numbness occurs in the area around the affected nerves several days or weeks before a rash appears. The discomfort usually occurs on the chest or back, but it may occur on the belly, head, face, neck, or one arm or leg.
1. Flu-like symptoms (usually without a fever), such as chills, stomachache, or diarrhea, may develop just before or along with the start of the rash.
2. Swelling and tenderness of the lymph nodes may occur.
3. Please call the school office and if your child
is diagnosed with these diseases since we have
many pregnant women here at Trinity.

Behavior or Physical Problems:
Trinity reserves the right to request withdrawal at any time, of any child having serious behavior or physical problems making him unacceptable for group experience. Decisions in these matters will be made by the faculty and director after attempts have been made with the parents to correct the situation. If the parent has not found the decision by the director to be satisfactory, then the parent may approach the Pastor with her concerns.

Activity Fee:
Each class will have an activity fee to cover special events during the school year. The fee is $22.00 for the pre-k class and $20.00 for the Nursery class. The fee should be paid at the time of registration. If not, please have the activity fee paid during the first week of school
Tuition checks are made payable to Trinity Lutheran Nursery School and are due the first school day of each month. No refunds are made due to days missed for health reasons, family trips or inclement weather.
2 day……$160.00
3 day……$200.00
4 day……$230.00
5 day……$290.00 5 day (9 to 11:30)…….$260.00

Nursery School office phone 610-446 -4214. The church office number is 610-446-6398.
If you have a concern which you feel has not been properly addressed by the teacher, you must take it to the director. If you feel the director’s reply was not satisfying, please take it to the Pastor.

Early Intervention: If you have concerns about your child’s development, please know that Early Intervention and the Delaware County Intermediate Unit will give you assistance.
610-938-2800 ext. 6141..We need the classrooms to settle into the
routine of the morning before we allow a child to be observed. Observations can begin AFTER October 15th

Trinity Lutheran Nursery School
Mothers’ Morning Out
2016 -2017 School Year
September 8 …first day of Nursery School
September 8 and 9 …….dismissal 11:30 for all
September 8………Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment meeting
September 12….First day of lunch Bunch and late show and
Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment
September 19…….first day of MMO…11:00 dismissal for the first
Two weeks of school
October 3 …….lunch bunch begins for MMO
October 10 …..Columbus Day….school closed
November 8 ….Election closed
November 24.& 25…..Thanksgiving closed
December 7 …..11:45 .Lunch With Santa..½ Day …
Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment dismisses at 3
December 14 & 15 …Nursery School Christmas Shows
December 19 to January 2……Christmas Vacation
January 3…….classes resume
January 16……Martin Luther King Day….school closed
February 20….Presidents’ Day…school closed
April 10 to April 17….Easter Vacation….school closed
April 18 ….classes resume
May 24 & 25……….Graduation Ceremonies
May 29…….Memorial Day….school closed
May 30…….First day of Summer Session for Nursery School
June 16…..last day for MMO
June 20……MMO Camp begins
Dates to Keep in Mind
May 24 to 25 -Graduation Ceremonies
(the graduation ceremony is the last day your child will be in school)

Trinity Lutheran Nursery School

Parents’ Night