October Newsletter 2016

Trinity Lutheran Nursery School & Mothers’ Morning Out
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October 2016 Newsletter
Dear Parents:
“ We’re Back”in full swing! The children and teachers are enjoying the beautiful weather.
We had our “Teddy Bear Picnic” outside on the lawn. Each child brought their favorite bear to school for the event. We had the most colorful collection of bears: some were blue, yellow, red and purple! The loveable bears gathered together in the middle of a parachute and on the count of three, they bounced, flipped and tossed around in the air. What a ride!
The children enjoyed a Cinnamon Teddy Graham snack and we enjoyed the children!
Throughout the halls , something smelled so delicious. It was home made applesauce! We were studying , printing, graphing, and tasting apples. Even some authentic Johnny Appleseeds were outside spreading seeds all over the ground. It’s always fun to study letter “A and the colors, green, red and yellow.
On Patriot’s Day, we honored our country, with a parade, a prayer , and a rally. We made and carried our flags to a Sousa March. We took our places on the church steps and “Pledged Allegiance “to our flag, sang “God Bless America” and chanted “Hip Hip Hooray, For the USA”
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Lunch Bunch Specials:
Tuesday……… Gym
Lunch Bunch 11:30 to 1:30 …$10.00 a day
(even if your child is NOT in school that day , you can participate)
Late Show 1:30 to 3:00….$10.00 a day
(even if your child is not in school that day, you can participate)
Late , Late Show..3 to 5:00…..$10.00 a day
(even if your child is not in school that day, you can participate)
Mark you calendars:
October 10 ……SCHOOL CLOSED ….Columbus Day

5-day transition pre-K Mrs. Degnan, Mrs.North, Mrs.Millison, Ms. Moira

Welcome to 5-day Transition Pre-K! What an exciting year ahead for us.We began our month getting to know all our classmates by discussing one thing to like about me! They had alot giggles and fun taking turns with this game.

Beach week was fun for the class. The students had a chance to speak about their vacations and their knowledge of the local beaches. We read Fish Eyes, Rainbow Fish and Swimmy. We made a huge Swimmy fish for our hallway. We also did a fish craft for Rainbow Fish. We learned about the different types of shells we might find on the beach.

National Dot Day was a day all about circles and dots!!! We read the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. The class learned about trying art projects from a dot on their paper! Our dot masterpieces were displayed for all to see and admire.

Apple week was all about the different types of apples that we see during the fall season. They heard the story about Johnny Appleseed and what a kind and gentle man he was. The class pretended to be Johnny Appleseed and wore a pot on their head as they planted seeds outside in our church grass. We had a contest to see which flavor apple was our favorite. Green apples won by a land slide!!! We read a story called ‘The Little Red House without Doors”. The class was amazed at the star shape inside the apple after it was cut open! They also made apple sauce from scratch and sampled the delicious results! The smell while it cooked was amazing!!!

Bears were everywhere as we learned about the letter Bb. The class shared stories about their own favorite bear and how much they love them. The class made butter for Bb week and sampled it on saltine crackers. We also read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The students are very excited about participating in bringing words that begin with the letter of the week. The class also like playing the Dictionary Game. They love guessing the words to the definitions. We will be doing this every Thursday.

Star Student has started. This is such an important event for each child to experience their ‘special week’. Please feel free to be as creative as you want with Special Star Student Snack and also the stories you write about your child in our notebook. The class loves hearing these stories as much as the star does!!

Our class will continue practicing and learning upper and lower case letter. They are now trying to print their names starting with the capital followed by lower case letters.

The transition to a full day has been very smooth and the class has adjusted well. They have a very busy schedule with special classes like gym, yoga and music.

We are looking forward to the cooler weather and the leaves changing! Happy Fall!!!!!
Pre-K ———– Mrs. Tustin and Miss Naomi
What a great class we have! We’ve had so much fun learning and playing that September went by in the blink of an eye. Everyone is working hard to get the routine of our classroom down pat. We enjoyed learning about each other through our “All About Me” bags. On Patriot’s Day, we dressed in red, white and blue, colored heart flags and went outside with the rest of the children in our school and said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and sang God Bless America to honor all of our Armed Forces. For “Aa” week, we painted with apples and made paper apple necklaces. We hope you enjoyed the delicious smelling “apple pies” we made with real cinnamon. Thanks so much to Nicholas’s mom for sending in an apple pie so that we could enjoy a delicious treat during Aa week! We also got to make and eat yummy apple sauce!

“Bb” week brought the beach to our classroom, with the children making coffee filter jelly fish, rainbow fish, and sandy star fish. We even made a “Beach in a Bag!” We decorated a Bb paper by blowing bubbles on it then gluing beautiful butterflies on top. We also made a colorful paper beach ball. And each of us brought a ball to school so that we could compare and contrast them before bouncing them in a parachute – that was so much fun! On Thursday of Bb week, we celebrated Teddy Bear Day! Everyone brought in his/her favorite fuzzy friend and we had a Teddy Bear Picnic for snack. The Teddy Grahams were delicious and our special friends enjoyed a bouncy ride in the parachute!

With “Cc” week came yummy looking (and tasting – which we did after counting the pieces) candy corn – along with making a paper candy corn to hang from our ceiling, and a crazy circle caterpillar. For our Cc paper, we made car tracks with paint and added cotton to our Cc outlines. We talked about Community helpers and all that they do for us.

September was definitely a great month!

Thanks to all of the parents for sending in supplies!

Thanks to Nicholas’s mom, Donna, for being our first Mystery Reader!

Happy September Birthday to Ella!
2 Day Nursery& Friday…Mrs. “B” , Miss Moira & Mrs. Dennis

We got off to a great start! It was nice to finally see all of your smiling faces. All of the children are adjusting very well. We are learning our routine, new songs, and making friends. We are so proud of them!! They are doing a great job!
On our first getting acquainted day, we heard the story of the Rainbow Fish. We decorated our own fish and shared our glittery scales with everyone to help us learn to be good friends.
We learned the letter “A” and the color Red. We made our own apples with red paint and glitter to make them shine! For a nice science lesson, we made apple sauce. The children loved cutting up the pieces of apple and eating some too. Our classroom smelled delicious from the apple sauce! We learned a new poem “Way up High in the Apple tree” and “Five little Apples hanging in a Tree”. We also made an apple counting book, and listened to the story of the magic star in the apple. We tasted yellow, green, and red apples and made a chart to see which apple everyone liked best. The red apple won in both classes! Then we made patterns with green and red apple prints. We practiced our scissor by cutting red paper and gluing it on an apple.
For the letter “B”, we brought in our own Teddy Bears and had a Teddy Bear Picnic. We made our own teddy bear by gluing on Buttons and Bows, worked on patterns by using chocolate and vanilla teddy graham crackers and bear stickers! We went on our own bear hunt and gave our teddy bears a ride on a parachute. Then we learned a song about our teddy bear’s body parts. We read the book “Bears don’t bounce” then we asked our own bears what they like to do. Great ideas from the children!! We learned the difference between big, medium, and small using our teddy bears and people too. Then we made a bear puzzle with our scissors.
We learned the color Blue by making Blue Bubble prints and blew bubbles at recess. We also made a Band-Aid book. We had fun placing band aids on body parts! Then we caught bugs in a jar and counted how many.
We reviewed the Circle shape by making our own version of the artist Kandinsky’s “Circle Painting” by making a circle collage. They look beautiful hanging in our hallways!! We discussed what the shape of a circle is and the children had great answers. We made our own book “I spy a Circle”. I hope you all enjoyed reading it together! And for the color Yellow we made Yellow sunshine, painted with lemons, and made a school bus to go with our song “Wheels on the Bus”.
Our Friday class made a beautiful Hand print flag to show our patriotism. We discussed community helpers and how important every job is. We practiced our scissor skill by cutting out yellow school buses and gluing them back together. Then we made beautiful piece of art by printing different circle shapes. For the letter “A” we investigated what was inside and what was outside the apple. We counted seeds and learned that all fruit has seed and that the fruit is the “suitcase” for the seeds. For the letter B we painted with baseballs, sang the song “Take me out to the ballgame”
Our favorite activities are playing at the play dough table, having recess, and playing a game of “Mousy, Mousy” and “Five Little Apples”. Don’t forget to check your children’s back packs! Also, check out our hallway and classroom of art!
Next month our theme will be autumn and Halloween!! I can’t wait to start!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful children with us! We really are having a great time together making new friends and discovering our world around us!
Miss Val & Miss Linda…………Nursery Class
Yeee-Haaaww ! What a wonderful start to a great school year! Some of the cowpokes had tears but they’re all smiles now. We made some prickly cactus, a “boot-stompin” cowboy boot in our favorite color and sang songs around the camp fire.
As we learned about the letter A, we made apple prints with the surprise star deep inside. We also voted for our favorite color apple.Red came first, then green and last was yellow. We made apple puppets and sang “Five Little Apples In The Tree”. For B weeek, we put bandaids on our Boo Boo’s , buttons on our bears and Bingo dots on letter B.
Our favorite time of the day is music time. We are learning songs and fingerplays.
Has everyone signed up for the class pet “Trigger”? Thanks for all the supplies and Happy Birthday to Tommy and Cullen!

Afternoon Kindergarten Enrichment…Mrs. B and Miss Aimee
Welcome to Kindergarten Enrichment. We have been getting settled into our routine, and participating with enthusiasm our specials each week.( Monday-Geography, Tuesday-Gym, Wednesday-Yoga, Thursday-Music)
In the classroom, we have been learning our sight words and working on addition. We are playing a lot of games to help us. The children seem to really enjoy all the games….Little do they know how much they are learning!
For science we did an experiment with oil and water. We painted apples with oil pastels and went over them with water colors. We discovered the two did not mix! We made our own individual apple pies that made the entire school smell delicious! We dissected sunflowers and counted all the seeds we could pull out .We then sorted them by all their different colors. Hopefully we can grow some more sunflowers! We filled a tray with baking soda and used straws to drop colored vinegar. The children enjoyed observing the results and all the different colors.
We have a lot of future engineers in our class! We all had a chance to design towers with assorted objects as pool noodles, cups, index cards, marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti. They all teamed up and each built unique towers. They had great imaginations and all were well thought out. Great Job!
We also designed paper airplanes and had a friendly competition on whose airplane could fly the farthest. We decided that the length of the flight was determined by the wings and how well we threw the planes.
Next month we will be studying “Autumn”,and continuing with our sight words, We will learn to solve math problems, conduct more experiments and create some awesome art projects.. I can’t wait ..We are ALL having a lot of fun!
Remember, we are here until 5:00 if you need us

3 day pre k………Miss Kim and Mrs. “C”
.Wow, it’s hard to believe that one month has already passed us by! We have been having so much fun this month getting to know each other, that time has really flown. On our first day, we read the wonderful story of “The Kissing Hand.” The children loved painting their hands and making their own kissing hand to bring home to their parents. On the second week of school, we started learning our letters, beginning with the letter “Aa”. We learned all about apples. We cut the apples open to see what was inside. We made a graph of “Our Favorite Kind of Apple”. Next was “Bb” week. We had a day dedicated to the color BLUE. We all wore blue to school that day. We made bluebirds and we found things around the classroom that were blue and taped “Zee” the bluebird from Nick Jr. to them. “Bb” week also brought us band-aids, boo-boo’s, painting with balls and counting and sorting buttons. We ended “Bb” week with the story of “Corduroy”on Teddy Bear Day and had a teddy bear “picnic”. We dressed our own beats and gave them each 2 buttons to keep their shoulder strap fastened. Also, we played with the parachute with our teddy bears. We had so much fun!
“Cc” week was tons of fun too. We had Cookie Day. We made yummy cookies in the kitchen with Mrs. C. We also made a graph of our favorite kinds of cookies. We started working on some Fall projects and we looked at pictures of community helpers. Lastly, this month we worked hard on learning the numbers 1, 2, and 3. We practiced writing our names and learned our shapes. We loved singing our “Days of the Week” and “weather” songs at circle time. We are looking forward to the month of October and all the wonderful things it will bring.

4 day pre k…………Miss Sheri & Miss Aimee
Wow! What a great first month of school we have had! We started off learning all about the letter “Aa” and our theme was apples! After learning about how an apple grows and all of its parts we did an apple taste test and graphed our favorite apple. Red Delicious was the winner! Next, it was “Bb” week! We got to paint with balloons instead of paintbrushes and we ended the week having a teddy bear picnic with some of the other classrooms! To end the month of September, we learned all about the letter “Cc”! We did art projects making cats, carrots and cookies! We also had fun mixing new colors! Oh and we can’t forget the best part which was celebrating Connor’s 4th birthday!
Mrs. Sheri and Miss Aimee

“ Grit” by…………………………Angela Duckworth

“Effort + Talent = Skill”

“Skill + Effort = Achievement”

.Patty, Alicia, Michele, Fern, Adriana, Tori and Allison. Welcome to MMO! We are so happy to have your little ones in our class. We are going to have so much fun this year. We will be singing lots of songs, making tons of crafts, playing with new friends and having a blast! Each month we will have a different theme and masterpieces will be sent home for you to proudly display on your refrigerator.

It may have seemed a little loud in our rooms but we welcome the noise and can’t wait to get to know your child. We already colored pictures of an apple and a school bus. This week we are teaching the children a poem about a Teddy Bear and using clothes pins to paint a bear.

In October we will be dismissing from our normal time (11:30) and we will be taking full advantage of these warm days and spend lots of time on our awesome playground. Please check your child’s backpack for the snack calendar. Thank you for the paper towels, napkins, cups and wipes. We really appreciate your generosity. ~ MMO